Talk NWA: ‘Tokyo Monster’ Kahagas March 24th 1:30PM Eastern

Not all Monsters from Japan are 60ft tall, green, covered in scales and breath fire.  However unlike Godzilla, Kahagas is real.  When the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship was forfeited last summer, Kahagas openly engaged the NWA Board of Directors lobbying for an opportunity to be apart of the one-night tournament.  Kahagas was not granted the opportunity.  Months would pass and Kahagas was afforded the opportunity to face off against NWA National Champion, Chance Prophet.  The Tokyo Monster and the Dark Child would battle for the belt two times with no clear cut winner at the end of the battles.  March 29th, as part of the Wrestlemania Weekend, NWA Ring Warriors will provide the 3rd encounter against Chance Prophet.  But Kahagas also has a unique opportunity to perhaps become the first NWA Triple Crown Champion because if he is successful in defeating Prophet for the National Title, he faces Pearce for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title on April 6th for Dynamo Pro in Illinois and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas on April 14th for NWA Lone Star.  We’ll be talking to Kahagas to learn more about the Monster, the opportunities ahead of him, and more.

Plus we’ll play our interview with “Lovin” Nick Love.  Hailing from Solana Beach and making his name in Southern California, Nick Lovin is a former SoCal Pro Tag Team Champion

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