Talk NWA Episode 21 Saturday January 28st 1:30PM Eastern

Sept 27th 2010, Chance Prophet was the NWA DAWG Champion defending the title against all comers with hopes of conquering the National Wrestling Alliance with one championship at a time.  Now nearly a year and a half later the “Dark Child” as regained his convenat NWA National Championship and has been defending it all over.  Currently Chance has found a nemisis in “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas as their battle looks to be spilling out of NWA Ring Warriors. 
We’ll be talking to Chance about his appearances in Florida for NWA Ring Warriors, his pending debut for NWA Wildwest, and find out what’s new for NWA Premier.  All this and your questions

What else will be the topics for our next show? Call in and you can decided.

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