Talk NWA Episode 20 Saturday January 21st 1:30PM Eastern

To celebrate the milestone of the 20th Episode we proudly present another FREE FOR ALL show of Talk NWA, live on blogtalkradio 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific.  When the concept of the Talk NWA Format was created it was always the intention to give the fans an opportunity to interact.  Regardless of who our special guest has been, fans have always been welcomed to call.  However in the FREE FOR ALL show, in favor of a special guest, we invite all of our listeners to call, comment, and Talk NWA.  Promoter, Wrestler, or Fan all are welcomed.  Plus we’ll play the special but brief Interview with Famous B

What else will be the topics for our next show? Call in and you can decided.

(646) 478-3019

In association with, Talk NWA is a thirty minute live podcast for the fans of the NWA to discuss in real time, their views and opinion on the National Wrestling Alliance, along with providing the latest news and information from across the NWA. 

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