SWA returns to Bearsden Jul 7th

At our recent trip to Govan we saw the crowning of a new champion as Whiplash defeated Andy Anderson by submission ushering in a new era of SWA. As we head to Bearsden on July 7th, the SWA Stars have been bending over backwards to get their opportunity to take on the new champion and the SWA Committee have chosen their man!

s SWA returns in July we’ll see the new dominant champion to head to head with one of the most successful SWA stars of his generation!

NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship
Dickie Divers challenges Whiplash
Back in February as SWA opened it’s year with Rebirth, Whiplash entered into a number-one contenders match against Damian O’Conor, a match that became a harsh statement of intent from the would-be champion as he not only forced O’Conor to tap out, but held on to the submission until O’Conor was so badly injured that he spent the rest of the night in A&E. Since that moment, Whiplash lay in wait for his chance against Andy Anderson and when SWA rolled into Govan for the first night of the New Testament double header on June 1st, and with the same fierce tenacity, we saw the crowning of a new champion! As we head to Bearsden for the first time, we’ll see Whiplash put his title on the line against one of the most successful SWA Stars in recent years; Dickie Divers.

Having worked across the UK non-stop for almost fifteen years, Whiplash is one of the most experienced veterans in the world of British wrestling and has racked up wins over some of the best in the world. He’s experienced, vicious, is in great shape and is a proper student of the game. What makes him more formidable, is that he has recently sided with the dominatrix Lolita, and has declared himself the Human Torture Device. After taking the Scottish Heavyweight Championship from Andy Anderson and refusing to cease the submission that brought him the win, he’s proven he’s not only the man to beat, but a man who’s hard to take down.

His challenger is a man who’s beat the odds many times before and has had a lot of momentum in the past year. Being crowned After Hours Champion, Source Champion, feuding over the T-Division title with CJ Hunter, as well as picking up massive victories over some big names, Divers has literally been one of the shining lights of SWA and all over Scotland over the last year. At the New Testament double header he took down two huge opponents with his trademarked Delectable Bomb in Mark Anthony and the multi-time champion James Scott. With his career on an all time high, Divers will be walking into this match with both caution and confidence as he strives to be champion of every branch of the Alliance!

After a successful title defense in a four way at Govan, Coffey found himself on the defensive on behalf of Andy Anderson when he saved the formerchamp from a vicious attack by new Scotish Champion, Whiplash. As the night closed we saw coffey and Whiplash – our two strongest champions – stare each other down. On July 7th, Coffey will step forward into a new challenge, but will be be watching his back as the new champion looks for payback?

Laird of the Ring Championship
Wild Boar challenges Joe Coffey
Touted for big things by fans and critics nationwide, Wild Boar is one of the most unique cruiserweights wrestling in the UK today, mixing the speed and agility of his weight class with a lot of strength and power – often more power than men twice his size! With his intense in ring style, it’s only fitting that he makes his Scottish debut against the most powerful wrestler in Scotland!

Having solidified himself as the man to beat, Joe Coffey has become a huge force to be reckoned with in SWA. With a strong ring prowess and an every growing ability in the ring, Coffey has spent the better part of the past two years as Laird of the Ring Champion, plowing through every challenger with a determination to be the absolute best he can be.

the past two months have been an amazing journey for Coffey as he’s been on the hunt for fresh challengers – a hunt that saw him compete against NJPW icon Prince Devitt in May – and has recently been invited to train at the legendary Zero-One dojo.

Jester versus Lewis Girvan

With another fresh challenge set for July 7th, will the champion retain, or will the next man in line be the one to beat Coffey?

One of the most bizarre wrestlers in the country, Jester has always seemed to have a screw loose. Over the years he’s managed to surprise, shock and throw his opponents off guard with his antics but despite putting on a show, he’s also one of the toughest, most aggressive and most focused challengers we’ve ever seen step between the ropes. He was also part of SWA’s most surprising moment in our companies history when he not only won a title shot on the first ever Gathering, but later went on to take home the Scottish title as well as earning himself a place in SWA’s roster.

After defeating Andy Anderson in his return to SWA, Jester is set to tackle another of SWA’s prodigies when he steps through the ropes to meet Lewis Girvan! One of the quickest and most resilient performers in the country, Girvan has had his own share of success having been hand picked by a former Scottish Champion to join the roster and has gained several high profile wins over his career. With unmatched speed and energy, Girvan has been on the rise and is now heading in to take on another former champion as we head to Bearsden on July 7th!

And more to be announced!
See this and more as SWA heads to Bearsden Town Hall, Bearsden on Saturday July 7th! Doors open at 6:30pm with the first match scheduled for 7pm. Advance e-tickets are available online at the discount price of priced £12 Adult, £10 Concession and £35 for a family of four. Click here to take advantage of our online discount!

Tickets will also be available upon entry priced £14 Adult, £12 Concession – Under 14 and OAP, £40 Family (2 Adults + 2 Children).

Advance e-tickets will be available from June 9th at the discount price of priced £12 Adult, £10 Concession and £35 for a family of four.

Tickets will also be available upon entry priced £14 Adult, £12 Concession – Under 14 and OAP, £40 Family (2 Adults + 2 Chidren).

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