SWA Live Wrestling on June 1st

With SWA opening June with a massive double header in two of our most popular venues – The Pearce Institute in Govan Friday June 1st, and St Brides Hall in Motherwell Saturday 2nd – we’ve got the first three matches for the June 1st show and we can promise you wont be diapointed! Whiplash is back in action as the number-one contender makes his bid for the Scottish title, TNA Superstar Doug Williams returns to SWA and James Scott restar tshis path towards SWA gold!

Damian O’Connor was on a roll in SWA, picking up huge victories over Paul Tracey, Jack Gallagher, Liam Thomson and many more, finally putting himself into the Scottish Title picture for the first time in his career…but O’Connor came crashing back down to earth in the Scottish Title number 1 contenders match in Paisley when he came across Mikey Whiplash.

Whiplash and Damo went toe to toe, and literally uppercut to uppercut, but Whiplash’s cunning skills and experience shone through, and thus Whiplash picked up the victory, setting up a date with Andy Anderson for the Scottish Heavyweight Title. It was after the match however, that Whiplash destroyed O’Connor’s arm, dislocating O’Connor’s elbow and rupturing ligaments.

In the weeks that followed, O’Connor pulled out of bookings and had to take time away from Source Wrestling School. Upon return he has been on a losing streak, not quite the man he was. Some closest to O’Connor think the problem lies mentally, as opposed to physically.

The SWA committee have been quick to act however and hopes to snap O’Connor out of his funk by putting him against one of the best opponents they could find, the world over. They have settled upon a man O’Connor greatly admires, a British wrestler who has had unparalleled success, TNA superstar, Doug Williams!

Williams, not a stranger to the SWA ring having performed at the very first Gathering in 2007, has had an amazing 20 year career. He has wrestled all over the UK and Europe, performed for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, and numerous companies in the US including ROH, before finding great success with TNA.

Williams is excited to return, and is more than happy to throw his name in the hat for the Scottish Heavyweight Title, and the SWA committee can confirm that this match with O’Connor will slingshot him into contention should he win.

For O’Connor this is a massive opportunity to pick himself up, dust himself off and get his eyes back on the prize. It also gives him an opportunity to tangle with and learn from a wrestler he greatly admires. For Doug Williams this is an opportunity to put another feather into an already impressive cap. With both men so well versed in technical wrestling, this could prove to be quite the clinic!

Speaking of Whiplash – Its an understatement to say that he made quite an impact on his SWA debut. After a hard fought, gruelling match up, he defeated Damian O’Connor for the Scottish Title Number 1 contendership and then put Damo out of action for 2 months, dislocating his elbow post match. Whiplash made a statement there and then that he was here for the Scottish Title, and would eliminate any and all competition along the way.

That brings us to Scottish Heavyweight Champion Andy Anderson. Anderson, the “Surprise Package” is the youngest Heavyweight Champion is Scottish history, has managed to travel the lengths and breadth of the world and down some massive names in such a short career. He has racked up some impressive title defences, most notably against rising star Jack Gallagher. His confidence seems to be growing by the match, and he looked set to hold the title for a long time….until Whiplash came into the fold.

Whiplash is a 13 year veteran, has wrestled against and defeated some of the very best in the world. He’s experienced, is in great shape and is a proper student of the game. What makes him more formidable, is that he has recently sided with the dominatrix Lolita, and has declared himself the Human Torture Device. He seems hell bent on not just taking Andy Anderson’s title, but showing Anderson what it takes to be a Champion. What it takes to be, in Whiplash’s mind….a man!

This will be Anderson’s biggest test to date. Can he withstand the constant barrage of offense that Whiplash will bring, manipulating each joint and muscle sinew, while using a cerebral attack unbeknown to Scottish and perhaps British Wrestling? Or can Anderson pull it off again? The wily underdog has the ability to steal victories from absolutely nowhere. Could Whiplash’s overconfidence work against him? Could Whiplash underestimate the “Surprise Package”? Either way, this story will unfold beautifully at Govan.

Dickie Divers has had one hell of a year. Being crowned After Hours Champion, Source Champion, feuding over the T-Division Trophy with CJ Hunter, as well as picking up massive victories over some big names, Divers has literally been one of the shining lights of SWA and all over Scotland over the last year.

But Divers isn’t one to stand on ceremony, and in Paisley he took that first step towards the Laird of the Ring Title match by becoming the Number 1 Contender after a frantic 3 Way with Falcon and BT Gunn. We at the SWA committee are delighted with Divers’ progress, and are looking forward to seeing him lock horns with the very best in Scotland. Therefore in Govan, the committee will put Divers alongside former SWA Tag Team Champion and multi-promotional Champion James Scott.

James Scott’s SWA career has been very stop/start. Originally debuting amidst one of the hottest periods in SWA’s history, Scott, along with tag partner Wolfgang literally jumped the barriers, forced their way into the ring and onto the SWA roster. Immediately they took the Tag Team gold and revolutionised the division. Since then Scott has appeared more sporadically, unable to find his groove. Elsewhere however, James Scott has been nothing less than a phenomenon, taking titles and scalps off some of the biggest names in wrestling today. Scott wants to set the record straight and get off the mark in SWA and has thus been harassing the SWA committee for an opportunity. We obviously recognise his phenomenal talent and are glad that Scott is available to supplement an already amazing roster.

Thus, a matchup between Scott and Divers is one with all kinds of possibilities. The two use a wide variety of martial arts kicks and strikes, as well as both being accustomed to taking their offense to the top rope, and in Divers’ case far beyond! We fully expect this to be an epic contest!

…and much more to come!
With more matches to be announced for the double header in the next week, it’s clearly not one to miss! The show takes place at the Pearce Institute, Govan on June 1st from 6:30pm. Tickets will be available upon entry for both events and are priced at £12 Adult, £10 concession/under 14′s and £35 for a family of four!

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