SWA Live Wrestling June 2nd

anchester’s Jack Gallagher is a rising star in British wrestling and no stranger to SWA in recent months. Having trained under Roy Wood at the legendary Snake Pit in Wigan, as well as with celebrated wrestler Billy Robinson among many others, Gallagher has become an excellent shoot and catch wrestler that as been making waves across the country. His fluid movements have been integrated perfectly into professional wrestling and he is literally chomping at the bit for competition which has seen him already tackle Damian O’Conor in our last trip to Motherwell, as well as make a bid for the Scottish Championship at Rebirth earlier this year.

So far, SWA Management are just as impressed with Gallagher as the rest of the country so when he made a special request to lock horns with our Laird Champion were more than happy to answer with good news.

Having solidified himself as the man to beat, Joe Coffey has become a huge force to be reckoned with in SWA. With a strong ring prowess and an every growing ability in the ring, Coffey has spent the better part of the past two years as Laird of the Ring Champion, plowing through every challenger with a determination to be the absolute best he can be.

Fresh off his Clash of the Titans encounter with NJPW icon Fergal Devitt, a match that has already been praised by fans and critics nationwide, Coffey is on top form and is ready to take on another challenge when he takes on a man who may be one of the few who can match Coffey in pure wrestling competition.

One of the most bizarre wrestlers in the country, Jester has always seemed to have a screw loose. Over the years he’s managed to surprise, shock and throw his opponents off guard with his antics but despite putting on a show, he’s also one of the toughest, most aggressive and most focused challengers we’ve ever seen step between the ropes. He was also part of SWA’s most surprising moment in our companies history when he not only won a title shot on the first ever Gathering, but later went on to take home the Scottish title as well as earning himself a place in SWA’s roster.

Andy Anderson had a much longer path to walk to become Scottish Champion, having had an opportunity stolen from him at Battlezone tw years ago, only to gain a Money int he Bank title shot the following February. Slowly Anderson waited for the right moment and cashed his shot in to the surprise of Eric Canyon. Since then, Anderson has walked the path from underdog to champion having defeated every challenger to date with his tenacity and strength of heart.

As these two very different competitors lock horns, we’ll see another tough battle, one that could be an uphill struggle for Anderson as he’ll be facing another vicious opponent in Whiplash the night before!

the rise of Dickie Divers has been hard to ignore in recent months. Aside form breaking out all over the country, the young SWA Star has been able to claim the After Hours Championship and a year later to the day, became the first Source Wrestling champion! In SWA his success looks to continue after winning a guaranteed title match for the Laird of the Ring championship. Having evolved into a cheeky young chap that it’s impossible not to cheer for, Divers has became a huge favourite in SWA and for good reason.

In contrast to the boyish charm of Divers, Mark Anthony seems to do nothing but rile up crowds across the country with his upper class wealth being thrown in everyone’s faces at every opportunity.

As Anthony’s aggressive style, insulting attitude and powerhouse style finds itself up against the favoured flyer, will Divers’ streak of good fortune end? Or will he overcome the odds yet again?

…more to be announced tomorrow night including Wolfgang, Darkside, and hometown hero John ‘The Bomb’ Graham! Stay tuned to InsideSWA and our Facebook and twitter feeds for more information!

The show takes place at St Brides Hall on Saturday June 2nd from 6:30pm. Tickets will be available upon entry for both events and are priced at £12 Adult, £10 concession/under 14′s and £35 for a family of four! For further information or to buy tickets in advance, click here.

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