SurgeUSA Review: March 11th, 2023

SurgeUSA title card

Here are the results from March 11th’s edition of SurgeUSA, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

This edition focused on new talent who we will hopefully see a lot more on NWA programming in the coming weeks and months.

Kyle Davis, Danny Deals & Candy were your commentators this week, with Deals and Candy showing an aptitude for the colour commentary role.

Match 1: Pretty Empowered 2.0 (Ella & Roxy) beat Jacey Love and Ruthie Jay in a good opener.

Match 2: Chico Adams and The Real Drago beat Dirty South in a really entertaining tag match. I’d be very happy to see more of both teams – Drago or either of Dirty South facing off against Carnage and Damage would be a real beef slapper for sure!

Match 3: Samantha Starr beat WOAD (Weapon of Ass Destruction) in a decent bout after Starr hit the ‘Starstruck’ DDT.

Match 4: Daisy Kill beat Rush Freeman (w/Rolando Freeman) in a decent enough main event after a distracted Rush fell to a roll-up.

All of the new talent displayed some form of potential, in my opinion, but I was particularly taken with Dirty South and Chico & Drago. Jacey and Ruthie had a good showing here as well. More of these please, Billy!

That’s it for SurgeUSA. Thanks for reading!

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