Supercard Thursday… Great Championship Wrestling!!!

Today — GCW will be running at the GCW Arena in Phenix City, AL.

It was less than one week ago that Micah Taylor was able to defeat Cru Jones, Johnny Swinger, and Bull Buchanan in a 4 Way match, to win the GCW’s top honor. Now Jones’ tag team partner Shaun Banks receives a title shot against Taylor. Taylor’s road has been a rough one since rejoining the ranks of NWA GCW and Banks hopes to end the week long celebration that Micah and his wife Tracy have been enjoying.

From the fall out of the 4 way match, Bull Buchanan and Johnny Swinger will finally have an opportunity to clash for the first time all year. Swinger as champion ducked Buchanan left and right. And the first time they battled was in the Four Way. But their unfinished business comes to a head this Thursday.

And finally the big re-match from the “Fred Ward Memorial 08” The “80’s Guy” John Bogie and Kareem Abdul Jamar defend the titles against the former champs, the Merchants of Death. Will the path of destruction from the MOD lead them to a second tag title reign, or will the team of Bogie and Jamar extend their reign.

All of this comes to a head, tonight!

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