For the first time since 2003, the winner of Burgh Brawl was able to win the Heavyweight Title in their title shot they received for winning Burgh Brawl. Stryder defeated Ryan Mitchell to capture the NWA-East Heavyweight Title this past Saturday night.
Every year the winner of Burgh… Brawl receives a shot at the Heavyweight Championship the following event with Mad Mike being the last person to win the title with that shot. As stated above, that occurred in 2003. Now eight years later, Stryder has made NWA-East history. Stryder mad sure that Ryan Mitchell’s title reign was very short, as in 3 weeks, as he rode the wave of momentum he had into this title match.
Once again, it was a clean match for Ryan Mitchell, with no outside help from his new allies. Mitchell wanted to prove that he didnt need to have the help of his hated comrades to be the best in the company and he certainly proved that when he won the title. But, in his first title defense, Mitchell could not overcome the red hot Stryder as this was Stryder’s night to shine.
Stryder was unemployed, having been unjustifiably fired from the NWA-East by Championship Committee member Shawn Patrick, just 3+ weeks ago. However, Stryder was reinstated by the newest Championship Committee member Quinn Magnum, won Burgh Brawl 15, and now has won the Heavyweight Title since April 29th.
The match itself saw many turns of momentum between the two competitors with each man unloading everything in their arsenal of moves, but it was Stryder who capitalized on a Mitchell error that allowed him to lock his submission finisher and gain the tap out win.
After the match, Mitchell shook hands with Stryder, who was then attacked from behind by current NWA North American Tag-Team Champion and two time NWA-East Heavyweight Champion Ashton Amherst. Mitchell actually helped Stryder from the attack against his ally. Now, Amherst has made it known that he wants ‘his’ title back around his waist and will hunt Stryder night and day to get the title.
Ryan Mitchell was violently attacked in the locker room following the show by Amherst and his friends and is rumored to have suffered a torn tricep at the hands of former NWA North American and NWA North American Tag-Team Champion Paul Atlas who locked in an arm submission on Mitchell during the attack.
Friday, June 10th now will become a scorching start to the summer as it has been signed Ashton Amherst v Stryder with the NWA-East Heavyweight Title on the line!! We will have more updates on Ryan Mitchell’s condition as it comes in. Stay tuned to for all updates…

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