Special World Championship Edition of Alliance-Wrestling Radio featuring NWA World Champion Adam Pearce

Alliance-Wrestling Radio goes live on March 22nd at 11:00pm Eastern/ 8:00pm Pacific
“Third times a charm,” were the words that were echoed out of Alliance-Wrestling Radio– from then challenger to the World Title, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, those words were only heard by the live listeners. However, true to his word, not only winning the Worlds Championship but also agreeing to return to Alliance-Wrestling Radio, the Worlds Champion will make his second appearance for the program. We’ll recap some of the lost interview, but also go forward with Adam’s newest accomplishment, becoming a three time NWA World Champion. This special celebratory night edition of Alliance Wrestling Radio, we will talk about potential challengers, the state of the NWA, and what it means to be a three time NWA World Champion.
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