Sonjay Dutt on Alliance Radio Monday July 5th

July 17th in New Jersey, a spot very familiar with my guest Sonjay Dutt. For years Dutt has waged epic battles in Jersey, be it for CZW, NWA Cyberspace, Ring of Honor, or any number of promotions he’s worked in the past. Sonjay Dutt is a worlds traveler, wrestling for HUSTLE, TNA, Ring Of Honor, and is still the reigning Zero One Junior Heavyweight Champion. But in a mere twelve days, Sonjay Dutt steps into a ring with a man he has never faced, a man who hides his face, a man who no longer resembles the poster child of the NWA. Sonjay Dutt walks into the NWA Dawg Pound with nothing but opportunity, his opposition is the NWA Dawg Pound Champion Chance Prophet. NWA Dawg Pound has assembled some of the greatest wrestlers from around the world to challenge their champion. Will Chance Prophet use Sonjay Dutt as a stepping stone in his path to reach he up echelon of the NWA hierarchy, or will Dutt ad yet another impressive trophy to his storied career and send the NWA Dawg Pound into a new direction. Sonjay Dutt checks into Alliance Radio to discuss his start in the world of professional wrestling, working Pay Per Views in the US and Japan, being the Zero One Junior Champion and of course his showdown with Chance Prophet at NWA Dawg Pound. And we’re taking your calls.

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