SoCal Pro celebrates 5 Years April 21st

SoCal Pro Wrestling celebrates 5 Years on April 21st 2012. We will be at the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club with a 7pm Bell Time!Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
401 Country Club Ln.
Oceanside, CA


Join us on Sat Night April 21st 2012 as we celebrate 5 Years of SoCal Pro Wrestling in Southern California!

Tommy Wilson has invoked his rematch clause and he will be given an opportunity to become an unprecedented three-time SCP Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Megastar and Kid Caramba’s feud originates back to last year’s March Madness when Kid Caramba rolled up Tommy Wilson for an upset win to retain the SCP Tag Team Titles. The remainder of 2011 became Kid Caramba’s year because he won the first-ever Summer Classic Tournament and defeated ring veterans such as Johnny Paradise and B-Boy to earn a chance in becoming the new SCP Heavyweight Champion. There was only one problem that stood in Caramba’s way and he had to train even harder to knock down the leader of The Mirror Image Megastars and capture his first SCP Heavyweight Title.

A Rumble in Oceanside 2011 was the site for Kid Caramba going head to head with Mr. Megastar with the gold on the line. Leading into this huge match, Kid Caramba more likely had thoughts in his mind that a little over a year prior; he was still a rookie wrestling Tommy Wilson in his second match as a wrestler. Now, he is the number one contender and needs to either pin or make his opponent submit to put the heavyweight title around his waist. Kid Caramba’s dream to become SCP Heavyweight Champion came to a draw. However, Kid Caramba demanded five more minutes and once again the time limit expired. Tommy Wilson became angry about not having a real winner in the title match, so he asked for five more minutes. In the last minutes of the second overtime, Kid Caramba pinned Tommy Wilson and became the new SCP Heavyweight Champion. The celebration of Kid Caramba becoming champion was short lived as Tommy Wilson came to his feet and nailed Kid Caramba with a super kick to retain the SCP Heavyweight Title. Tommy Wilson told Kid Caramba that he would not receive an automatic rematch. Luckily for Kid Caramba, he was put into a Four-Way Number One’s Contender’s Match with the winner getting to face either Mr. Megastar or Nick Madrid at New Year’s Retribution 2012. Once Redemption 2011 was over, Kid Caramba earned himself another shot at Tommy Wilson and the SCP Heavyweight Title.

On January 14, 2012, Kid Caramba became the new SCP Heavyweight Champion and ending Wilson’s second reign as the SCP Heavyweight Champion. Tommy Wilson held the title from January 15, 2011 to January 14, 2012, and he was one day removed in making the SCP history books with a one-year title reign. Months to follow, The Mirror Image Megastars were quickly losing cohesiveness with Tommy Wilson not even being featured on the card and having an in-ring protest about losing his title, Ricky Mandel submitting to Kid Caramba and not becoming a two-time SCP Heavyweight Champion, and Tommy Wilson once again losing to Kid Caramba in a tag team match by tapping out. 2012 is surely a rough year so far for The Mirror Image Megastars.

It is now put up or shut up for Tommy Wilson because he sent out a challenge to face current and defending SCP Heavyweight Champion Kid Caramba in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match with the title hanging above the ring inside the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club. The Ladder Match is said to be one of the most dangerous matches in professional wrestling and takes off years in a wrestler’s career. The ladder is used as a weapon and assistance in winning this specialty match. Also, a table and a chair are added into the equation and will be used mainly as weapons to incapacitate your opponent and ascend the ladder rung by rung to grab a hold of the gold and declare the winner. Who will be the SCP Heavyweight Champion at SoCal Pro’s 5-Year Anniversary Event?


On October 16, 2010, Chimaera had his final SoCal Pro match teaming with B-Boy and former two-time SCP Heavyweight Champion SoCal Crazy against The Ballard Brothers and Johnny Paradise. Chimaera scored the decisive win as he pinned Johnny Paradise and gave a final farewell to SoCal Pro Wrestling forever, or so we thought. In a shocking turn of events, Chimaera was surprise entrant number 21 in A Rumble in Oceanside 2011, and won the SoCal Pro Rumble by eliminating SoCal Crazy and Ricky Mandel. Also, Chimaera became the new number one contender for the SCP Heavyweight Championship since he was the last wrestler remaining in the ring.

Controversy occurred with Chimaera making his SoCal Pro return since no one in SoCal Pro Wrestling knew he was scheduled to compete at the event. After careful discussion and consideration, a decision was rendered and Chimaera’s win at A Rumble in Oceanside 2011 became null and void. This result made the number one contender’s spot available and the SoCal Pro brass signed a Four-Way Number One Contender’s Match at Redemption 2011 with Chimaera taking on Ricky Mandel, SoCal Crazy, and Kid Caramba. The winner of the four-way match ended up being Kid Caramba and he became the new number one contender for the SCP Heavyweight Title.

However, Chimaera did not leave Oceanside without being remember as he brutally attacked SoCal Crazy after the four-way match and nearly finished SoCal Crazy’s wrestling career.

2012 would not be any different from 2011 and the past years because Chimaera once again made it crystal clear that he has unfinished business with his longtime rival, former tag team partner, and former friend. On the January and February SoCal Pro events, Chimaera interfered in SoCal Crazy’s matches and allowed Joey “The Bone” Barone to defeat the Loco Luchador twice. SoCal Crazy knew something was not right about Chimaera and came to a conclusion that the new Chimaera is not the same Chimaera that he wrestled from 2007 to 2010.

SoCal Crazy and Chimaera will renew an old rivalry similar to the Al Katrazz and Jason Redondo rivalry that was restarted five years ago at SoCal Pro’s Debut Event. SoCal Crazy has had enough with Chimaera’s antics and issued a challenge at March Madness 2012. Chimaera accepted the challenge and he will battle The Franchise of SoCal Pro at the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club on April 21. Can SoCal Crazy finally close the book on his storied feud against Chimaera or will Chimaera be the one closing book on SoCal Crazy’s career?

2012 is starting to be a great year for Joey Barone. In the past months, Barone has pinned SoCal Crazy’s shoulders to the mat on two separate occasions and recently bested Johnny Yuma. Now with The 5-Year Anniversary Event approaching, Barone wants his winning streak to continue as he hopes to even up the score against his opponent, The Radiant One, with another victory under his belt. Jason Redondo is one of a few wrestlers to have been on SoCal Pro’s roster since the very beginning. The first-ever SCP Heavyweight Champion has already defeated Joey Barone and plans to take out him out for good using The DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) finisher. The SoCal Pro brass put this match together because Redondo has taken offense in Barone’s claim of defeating him in a tag team match.

At New Year’s Retribution, Joey Barone and Johnny Paradise defeated SoCal Crazy and Jason Redondo. However, Barone only pinned SoCal Crazy in the match and gain a win for his team. The loss to Redondo at last year’s Super Clash is still in the mind of Joey Barone and he has a chance to “Fuggedaboutit” by successfully defeating The Radiant One in front of the SoCal Pro fans. Will the up and comer to SoCal Pro in Joey “The Bone” Barone or the ring veteran in “Radiant” Jason Redondo prevail in this return match from Super Clash 2011? See this rematch for yourself in Oceanside, on Saturday, April 21.

Last month, Angel Santos made his return to SoCal Pro and defeated The Polish Tyrant in the process. Santos’ opponent, Andre Machievski, was originally scheduled to wrestle the first-ever SCP Heavyweight Champion in Jason Redondo. However, due to circumstances beyond SoCal Pro Wrestling’s control, The Radiant One could not compete at the March event.

The SoCal Pro brass had to find a new opponent in short notice for Machievski and they were able to get “Puerto Rico’s Own” Angel Santos. SoCal Pro fans have not seen Angel Santos for many months since he was on tour of duty with the United States Navy. Santos’ “final” match before his deployment happened on July 16, 2011, and even though Angel did not win that night, he gained the respect from his opponent, Jason Redondo, as well as the entire SCP locker room and every single fan in Oceanside.

At The 5-Year Anniversary Event, Angel Santos will lock horns with the former SCP Tag Team and Heavyweight Champion Ricky Mandel. 2012 has been a bad year so far for The Mirror Image Megastars with Tommy Wilson losing the SCP Heavyweight Title to Kid Caramba in January, Mandel tapping out to Caramba’s armbar submission in their title match at Gold Fever III, and Wilson recently tapping out to Caramba’s armbar submission in the tag team main event of March Madness. Mandel really needs to refocus and not worry about the past three months of defeats and being unable to become a two-time SCP Heavyweight Champion.

The man who hails from Sexy Beach will get another chance in climbing back to top of the SCP ranks and earning a future heavyweight title shot against the winner of the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. Easier said than done, but Mandel has to get past Angel Santos if he wants to rule SoCal Pro again. Angel Santos should not be taken lightly since he has wrestled veterans in B-Boy and Jason Redondo. What will happen when Angel Santos and Ricky Mandel go one-on-one for the first time in SoCal Pro?

Back in the month of January, B-Boy and Nick Lovin wrestled each other for the first time with The New Age Punisher destroying his opposition. At SoCal Pro Wrestling’s 5-Year Anniversary Event, the two wrestlers will be captains for their respective teams. B-Boy will have Pulpo Dorado, who recently scored a huge upset victory at the expense of the former two-time AWS Heavyweight Champion Johnny Paradise, and Jimmy Ray Walker, who won a tag team match with Vance Lamborghini at March Madness against Nick Lovin and C-Love.

On the opposing team captained by former SCP Tag Team Champion Nick Lovin will be Andre Machievski, who just lost a competitive match against Angel Santos, and Ronnie Thrash, who will be returning to SoCal Pro after a little over two years. Chaos will definitely ensue as these six wrestlers do battle in the squared circle. Which three men will walk out of the 5-Year Anniversary Event as winners? Find out on Saturday, April 21.

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