So Who Is Gonna Be The Next NWA Champ?

Tomorrow night in Clayton, NJ history will be made when at NWA Dawg: Wrath of Champions a new NWA World Champion will be crowned and his name will forever be cemented next to greats like Thesz, Brisco, Funk, Race, and Flair just to name a few.  The winner will no doubt have earned it as this match is an 8 man elimination match.  Ever since this match was announced on last Sunday the social networks and internet sites have been buzzing about who will be the next NWA champ.  Ive decided to take it a step further and not only list who I think will be the winner but the order of elimination as well.  Without further ado here are my predictions starting with my prediction for first eliminated all the way down to I pick my winner.

#8- Lance Anoai.  This youngster has made a name for himself in just a short amount of time in the wrestling world and Anoai definitely has the pedigree to one day be a world champion.  But with that being said I dont think it is his time just yet.  While I think he will impress viewers with his skills eventually the lack of big game matches will catch up to him.

#7- Biggie Biggs.  Biggs is a veteran of the squared circle and has been up and down the highway for many years and will have the crowd behind him as he is an NWA Dawg regular.  Biggs would love to add his name to the list of greats but tomorrow night wont be the night he does that.  Look for Biggs to get a future world title shot somewhere down the road.


#6-  Anthony Nese.  Nese might have more name recognition than anyone in this match.  He has wrestled in TNA in the last year and is one of the brightest young stars in this business.  Earlier this year he and another entrant Papadon had a war in ECWA.  So why do I have Nese being eliminated so early.  The reason being is Nese isnt what many would consider an NWA regular. And while guys like Wayne, Prophet,and Erikson arent exactly the best of friends I believe they will band together to take out someone they see as an outsider to the NWA and its title.

#5- Papadon.  Like Nese this guy is more known in other organizations than he is the NWA.  Papadon earlier this year won the illustrious ECWA Super 8 tournament and is in my opinion a future world champion.  Just not at Wrath Of Champions. Still expect a great showing from the Greek God.

Ok now we are half way through my list and if your keeping track then you know that the last four remaining have been among the best the NWA has had to offer for quite awhile.  I see it only fitting that the final 4 comes down to these men.  But there can be only one winner so we must continue on.


#4- Jason Kincaid.  The Gift as he is known to NWA Smoky Mountain fans is not a big national name but the fans of New Jersey who havent seen this unorthodox wrestler will be in for a treat to say the least.  His matches with current NWA World Jr Champ Chase Owens have been nothing but epic to say the least.  However in the end Kincaids unorthodox style might be his undoing and will be what costs him his shot at glory.

#3- Chance Prophet.  Prophet has been on the verge of winning the worlds title on several occasions in his very productive NWA career and after holding every other major singles title in the NWA there is only the world title left to be held.  Prophet hasnt been on the NWA radar has much this year as last when he and Damien Wayne had the feud of the year in the NWA but a quiet Prophet is a dangerous Prophet.  But I feel this night belongs to one gentleman in particular and unfortunately for The Dark Child it wont be his night.

So that leaves us with two men remaining.  The NwA Mountain State Champion “The Canadian Lion” Lance Erickson and the guy who already says he is the uncrowned champion in “The Mid Atlantic Bad Ass” Damien Wayne.  These two are no strangers to each other as they have waged war many times in the past with both guys owning several wins over the other but neither man can say he has gotten the better of the other up onto this point.  How fitting that tomorrow nights match comes down to the two guys who have arguably had the best years of anyone in the entire NWA fighting for the right to forever have a legacy in the most storied organization in the world.  I have no doubt that at the end of this match that both guys will be a beaten bloody mess but the man who has his hand raised and will fulfill his childhood dream and bring the worlds title back to a region that hasnt had a world champ since Ric Flair and that man will no longer be called uncrowned  because Damien Wayne will hold the 10 Pounds Of Gold high as the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Best of luck to all guys entered and no matter what tomorrow night someone will make history and the legacy of the NWA will continue

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