Sheik’s Camp Makes Statement about attack on NWA World Champion Adam Pearce

Tampa, Florida – August 11, 2010
Sunday August 8th was the day The Sheik decided to make a point. To show the world that he’s tired of being disrespected by the NWA and tired of being denied a match with the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He made that point the only way he knows how…VERY, VERY, VIOLENTLY!
Adam Pearce paid the price, but the true culprits are those infidels, Bob Trobich and the NWA Board of Directors. They are the cause of the Knot on the head of Adam Pearce. They are the reason the Middle Eastern Madman has taken matters into his own, blood thirsty, hands.
For over a year The Sheik has been denied his destiny. A denial that started when The Blue Demon refused the Sheik a title match, claiming he wasn’t worthy. Sheik’s response was to conquer Florida, The MidWest, and ultimately the North American Continent itself, but still he is denied.
Next, the NWA holds a “Future Legends” tournament and invites many top contenders including the National Heavyweight Champion, Phil Shatter, but where is The Sheik? Why is The North American Champion denied? Why is the most dominant and feared man in the NWA, again, insulted? The truth is clear. The NWA Board of Directors is protecting its Worlds Heavyweight Champion and in doing so, keeping the title out of the reach of The Sheik.
NO MORE! The NWA and it’s World Champion must answer to The Sheik now. Pearce will force The NWA Board of Directors to make the match, and by doing so, will seal his own fate. The Sheik WILL destroy Adam Pearce. The Sheik WILL become NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The Sheik WILL realize his destiny and Rule the Wrestling World!

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