Shane Douglas’ message to the NWA

Douglas says:

“Having been retired from the ring for nearly 5 years, I am eagerly looking forward to returning to the ring, especially against another great ECW alum. I have always respected, and liked, Guido. I always viewed him as a great worker and someone who has put in the time to be respected. In my view, Guido is certainly one of the most under-rated workers in the business. Many underestimate him due to his size. I am NOT one of those people!!! I have watched him for years, and have always been respectful of his skills. I am also keenly aware of his “shooter” background, and trust that he will be far more than a true test to me in my first match back from retirement. I want to tell the fans that I am very excited to be getting the opportunity to, once again, entertain them. I hope I don’t fail to do just that. Finally, as one who rarely believes in coincidences, I haven’t failed to notice the sardonic irony in the NWA playing host to “The Franchise’s” return. There IS just a tiny bit of history between me and this organization. My feelings, after all these years, since that night of infamy at the ECW Arena, have NOT changed. I still view that belt, and that company, with the same level of disdain I always have. New Jersey, I am on my way!!!”

This Friday night in Roselle NJ at the Abraham Clark High school.

Credit Wrestlezone

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