Sayonara AWA! President Nakamura Comments!

Sayonara AWA! President Nakamura Comments!
December 12th, 2007

As many wrestling fans have been made aware, ZERO1-MAX and the AWA have severed ties. This situation has been compounded by various reports on the internet and one very disingenuous press release put out by the AWA. While ZERO1-MAX was ready to make the split amicable, AWA ownership felt it was necessary to release blatant falsehoods in a sad attempt to spin the situation and to bash Pro Wrestling ZERO1-MAX.

It is under these circumstances that Pro-Wrestling ZERO1-MAX President Yoshiyuki Nakamura felt compelled to release the following statement:

“I know Dale Gagne personally, but I don’t believe he is who he says he is anymore. Is he a “real” Gagne? I think he should show all Pro Wrestling fans his birth certificate to prove it. He told me when ZERO1-MAX became AWA affiliates, ‘I will run AWA shows in San Francisco’s Cow Palace.’ Did he run shows there? I haven’t heard that he has. What about the AWA Pay-Per-View show he promised me he would develop? When did this happen? Did I miss it?”

“Why did ZERO1-MAX leave the AWA? We believe that Gagne (if that’s his real name) cannot build the AWA any bigger than it currently is. I had a dream of a ‘reborn AWA.’ Yet all the wrestlers were always laughing at Dale, the fans were always laughing at him. CEO? President? Dale is not a “Gagne!”

“I love the AWA history, so I stayed with the AWA for almost three full years. ZERO1-MAX did more for the AWA then they ever did for us. Of course I will always respect all former AWA champions, and I hope the AWA gets its act together.
I wish them luck in the future.”

Yoshiyuki Nakamura


As I previously stated, it was more likely that Zero One MAX had canceled its membership with the AWA instead of the story Ganger was selling. I truly hope that an agreement can be worked out with Zero One to re-join the Alliance. I don’t usually advocate the NWA to just add anybody, but the sentiment that I feel is that Zero One only helps the Alliance. Strengthening the brand in Japan. And adding another list of reputable wrestlers to showcase.

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