Ryan Mitchell captures NWA-EAST Heavyweight Title!!

In what has to be an extremely difficult match to beat as far as match of The Year Candidates go, Ryan Mitchell was able to win the NWA-East Heavyweight Title against Chris Taylor.
These two men were once best of friends, but have been at war with one another for all of 2011 and it was on Friday, April 29th that these two men met for the first ever with the NWA-East Heavyweight Title on the line. Fireworks were expected and, indeed, it was a hard hitting affair from bell to bell.
For nearly twenty minutes Champion Chris Taylor and Challenger Ryan Mitchell went at it countering each other every step of the way. Mitchell and Taylor knew each other better than anyone else could even imagine and it showed as it seemed that the other man knew what was coming at all times.
In the end however, Mitchell used simple psychology to gain the eventual win for the title. Mitchell’s gameplan was to focus on taking out Taylor’s shoulder, which was instrumental in Taylor being able to hit his Taylor Cutter finishing move. Mitchell was able to execute his gameplan to near perfection as , late in the match, Mitchell put the exclamation point on his assault on Taylor’s shoulder as Mitchell threw Taylor shoulder first into the metal ringpost. Soon after, Taylor gained the advantage and attempted to hit his Taylor Cutter finisher, but the pain was too great. Mitchell quickly used the opening to hit his Steel Curtain finishing move and gain the 1,2,3 pin to become the new NWA-East Heavyweight Champion!!
Perhaps the most glaring thing about this entire match was that Mitchell did not have any outside help and was able to get the job done on his own. Virtually everyone in the building would of laid money down on the fact that Mitchell would use his newfound allies to assist him in some way, but that just never materialized much to Mitchell’s credit. Surprisngly, there is no controversy here and there is no cheating here either. Ryan Mitchell was able to win the title on his own merit and congratulations to him for that.
Now Ryan Mitchell will face the Burgh Brawl 15 winner Stryder on Saturday, May 21st in his first NWA-East Heavyweight Title defense. It will be a very tough defense and will truly test the mettle of Mitchell as champion.
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