The Rusty SAW report for Sept. 13th

By The Rusty

Like a Friday the 13th sequel, I’m back without much of a purpose.

First, the recap.

Kind of a modest crowd tonight after the packed house of last week.
Two matches for the crowd.

First, Hot Rod Biggs and Ali Shabazz come out and are visited by Nick Nitros. Biggs complains he was robbed by Crimson, and he wants his rematch. Tonight, he gets “Old Tubby Bastard” Kevin Weatherby and LT Falk. Preston comes out to, to add nothing to the match.
Kevin’s pink tights are frighteningly see-through when he stands in the corner. Cliff needed eye-wash. A pretty solid match, though. Shabazz and Weatherby have some nice acrobatic moves, and looked very good against each other, while Biggs and LT wrestled a more mat based style. When Biggs and Weatherby matched up, it was a good contrast of styles. Weatherby beats Shabazz with his version of an Unprettier. Perfectly Acceptable Match.
The second match was Mayhem (HammerJack and HammerJill (an unaccredited Gator McAllister. Seriously, I don’t know if they have ever mentioned him by name.) vs. Jason Nation and Ox Harley. Ox is a well-travelled hardcore wrestler, with a “Redneck Eugene” gimmick. Didn’t really show a lot in this match, as Jason Nation was in the ring forever against Mayhem, and Ox kept coming into the ring only to get admonished by the referee and sent back out. This happened at least six times, I finally lost count. HammerJill works at about half speed, and it really showed in a few spots. Finally got the win via a schoolgirl with Ox right under the ropes. Meh.
The first TV match was Yaden Matthews vs. “The King” Shane Williams. I don’t know how SAW was lucky enough to get Yaden, but I’m happy. The guy is jacked, and solid in the ring. Yaden even supplied us with our first of relatively few arm drags for Nashville wrestling (Nashville, TN is the Home of the Arm Drag, dontchaknow?
Yaden was in control for most of the match. As Shane was mounting his comeback, Chris Michaels and Anklesocks came out. Anklesocks charged the ring, and took a great bump on the outside rail, almost wiping out the entire front row. While the referee was distracted with him, Chris Michaels came in to Superkick Shane Williams, letting Yaden get the cheap win. Good way to continue the heat between Michaels and Shane.
Next was a Nitros Noise segment. Crimson came out and talked about Josephus Brody. Tony Falk was out to make a match.
TV match #2 was Kevin Weatherby with Preston vs. Chris Michaels with Anklesocks for the NWA Television Title. Kevin had some huge dropkicks tonight, standing dropkicks that were higher than the top rope. You know Michaels can whip someone into the ropes with force when he whips Kevin into the corner and the ring moves. Good back and forth match before Michaels Superkicks Kevin to outmaneuver a dropkick. Excellent match.
TV match #3 featured Josephus Brody and Abriella vs. Crimson. They didn’t even wait for the bell before beating each other all over the ringside area. They tried to take out the ringside area closest to the TV position. Both locker rooms cleared, a rugby scrum broke out, and the match was declared a no-contest. I’d wager we haven’t seen the last of this match up. Man, Crimson is a big guy, but Josephus is bigger.
Our TV Main Event is The Untouchables (Drew Haskins and the Concussed Jeremiah Plunkett) vs. the Champions the Lords of Chaos (Damien Wayne and Lance Erickson) These four brawled the minute they hit the ring, with the big men squaring off while Drew Haskins and Damien Wayne took it to ringside. Referee Anthony Wayne had no chance to reign them in. They were selling Plunkett’s concussion hard tonight, and Lance took every opportunity to ring his bell. Once order was restored, Drew tagged himself in and refused to let Plunkett tag back in, taking the lion’s share of the punishment. Things broke down again, and after being a house a fire, Plunkett overcame his concussion to roll up Erickson for the win. The Untouchables are once again the NWA Southern Tag Team Champions.

The Good
1. Crimson. Crimson is a great get for SAW, and I could stand a nice run with him and the SAW Title. Man that Title looks little on him.
2. Kevin Weatherby. I knew I kid Kevin a lot for his size, but after seeing guys like Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards in person, I think all he really needs to do is firm his body up and he could move on to bigger things. Very acrobatic and aerial.
3. Shane Williams. I love how his transition from heel to face happened with almost no change in his character. Shane has that charisma and brings it in the ring.
4. Jason Nation. A real hard worker. Glad to see he is not getting lost in the talent shuffle.
5. I probably should have ranked him higher, but a huge shout out tonight to Anthony Wayne. I love everything he does as a referee. Would that I would ever be able to start up my own promotion, he would probably be one of the first three guys I would contact. Its the little things. The facial expressions, the comments in character to the wrestlers under his breath, etc. Now that Rudy Charles has moved on to better things, I think he is the best referee in the area. Sorry Jesse.

The Bad
1. Josephus Brody looked big tonight, even against Crimson. Enjoying you while I can still see you locally, big guy.
2. Chris Michaels. I’m on record as saying I’ve always been kind of eh about Chris Michaels, but every week I see him lately I have gotten more and more impressed. This guy is the same generation as wrestlers like Sting, but still has a great physique, a tremendous work rate, and does those little heelish things that take him over the top. His TV run has been a great success. Whoever beats him should get over huge.
3. Ali Shabazz. Looked very smooth working LT and Kevin this week. Great athlete.
4. Yaden Matthews. Another one of the great new athletes to come into SAW.
5. The Lords of Chaos. I hope we haven’t seen the last of these two, but if we have, they gave SAW fans a good summer. Damien is deceptively strong, and Erickson is just huge, and I don’t mean fat.

The Ugly
1. Anklesocks vs. Preston. Anklesocks took another great bump this week, but overall I get an X-Pac heat feeling from him. And if I’m going to rip someone for wearing ankle socks, I would be remiss in mentioning the face manager won’t even wear socks. Sigh.

And you know, that’s my biggest complaint of the night, which says a lot for this show. I thought my 10$ was well spent. Dinner at Jumbo & Delicious in Hendersonville and a night of SAW is a great use of 20$. If you are a wrestling fan and you aren’t checking out SAW, while, you are missing out.

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