Rumors Regarding the TV Champion

Zicky Dice may become the fourth talent to leave the National Wrestling Alliance since the decision to postpone Crockett Cup 2020 and cancel remaining live events, amidst growing concerns of the Corona Virus

Reigning NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice has been rumored to ask for his release from the National Wrestling Alliance. In the past few weeks Ricky Starks (the man that Dice defeated to win the Television Title) also left the NWA and have recently made his appearance on AEW.

If true Dice would be the forth talent to leave the NWA canceled all remaining live events since the Covid-19 Pandemic (joining Tasha Steelz who signed with Impact Wrestling), Starks, and CW Anderson who announced his retirement.

Prior to his debut in the NWA (at NWA POWERRR), Dice had become a regular for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He recently made it to the semi-finals of the PP3 Cup.

Dice made his debut for NWA POWERRR by defeating Sal Rinuaro and CW Anderson in a three way qualifying match to gain entry to the NWA World Television Title Tournament. Dice would defeat Caleb Konley to finally gain entry int othe TV Tournament but would be eliminated by Dan Maff in the First Round. Dice would challenge Starks for the TV title unsuccessfully on NWA POWERRR TV only to defeat Starks in their next encounter. Outlandish Zicky Dice would retain the title in a three way match with Matt Cross and Ricky Starks. Dice would have one more successful title defense outside of the NWA at East Bay Pro Wrestling in Southern California, where Dice defeated Rik Luxury.

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