Roster Announcements for CWFAtlanta | #UWN News

For the past few years, the United Wrestling Network has been represented by three brands. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, which was the first promotion under the United banner. Championship Wrestling from Arizona which was produced by “Pretty” Peter Avalon. Championship Wrestling from Memphis with Maria and Dustin Starr. PrimeTime LIVE, was the brand’s first effort to produce a live weekly PPV series. Now, United will present it’s first offering to the city of Atlanta on September 2nd 2021 at the Center Stage. The show is being taped for distribution on Peach Tree TV

The Atlanta roster will have some familiar faces to long-time United Wrestling Network fans. Chris Dickinson, Andy Brown, Heather Monroe, Zicky Dice, and The Bodega; all will be a part of the premier tapings in Atlanta.
Chris Dickinson was set to face Mike Bennett in the Finals of the United World Championship. Dickinson was a central figure on the weekly pay-per-view series. Andy Brown a member of “Social Distancing” and is a former United Tag Team Champion and Hollywood Heritage Champion. Heather Monroe is perhaps the most dominant female in all of the United Wrestling Network. She’s recently started to cause chaos for Memphis. The Bodega, Danny Limelight and Papo Esco remain United Tag Team Champions for 240 plus days.

Many new faces will come to make their United debut on September 2nd. The Awakening (formerly the Ascension in the WWE), Dani Jordyn (who appeared with AEW), Matt Rehwoldt (formerly Aiden English in the WWE), Logan Creed (formerly Mads Krügger in MLW), Marti Bell, Suge D, Violence of Action, Kaleb Conley (currently working Impact), The Tate Twins, and more join the ever-growing roster for the Atlanta tapings.

Tickets are currently on sale at Ticketmaster.

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