Rob Allison

May you Rest In Peace. October 26th 1976 to June 22nd 2020

Rob Allison was one of the good guys. I first met him in late 2011, when Coastal was collaborating with the On Fire promotion. We shared a lot of mutual interests, and when I walked away from pro wrestling in late 2013, Rob was among a handful of guys that I wanted to stay in touch with.
He was always upbeat, and we’d always talk wrestling, football, and food.
He LOVED lobster rolls, and would send me pics of every one he ordered from the time we met, rubbing it in that no matter how hard I tried, I could never find a lobster roll in NJ that would match the ones he ordered up in New England.
He just sent me a pic last week, and I complimented him on this one, it looked delicious. It was the last conversation we had, as he passed away on Monday.
I don’t know the cause, so please no PMs asking, I guess at this point it’s not important. All I know is that the world has lost a really good guy.
Rest in Peace, Rob.

–Phil Varlese

I am truly gutted over the loss of my friend Rob Allison. He was a shining example of the good people wrestling brought into my life. A salt of the earth, hard working man with no agenda other than trying to help out and trying to be a real friend. Rob was one of the few people I trusted enough to confide in. I always hoped I could have gotten him down here more often. I will miss you my brother. Rest well.

–Sheldon Golberg

RIP to one of the finest individuals in pro wrestling that I’ve ever known. Rob Allison, you were a gentleman, in a business with very few. You helped get me my spot in NWA On Fire, and you showed me more love than I ever deserved..RIP big guy, I have to dig up our pictures, as I know they are out there.

–Adam Barisano

Rob Allison, you were a friend above all else. You were kind. You were selfless. You were a helper. You supported me.
You would call me a slacker when it had been a while since I updated the website or recorded a podcast. You’d give me shit when the Red Sox would be the Angels. We both shared passion in the NWA. Our bond was nutured by wrestling, but we had so many common interest. I hope you knew how much I love and respected you. I hope you know how much I’ll miss you.

–Jay Cal