Riviera regains Western States Heritage at Vendetta Pro


Early Saturday morning, the “Lover Boy” Matt Riviera took to Twitter to acknowledge his loss last night. “Jeff Jarrett, last night was a travesty of justice! Rest assured that I’m coming for you [tonight] at Vendetta Pro!” The Vendetta office almost immediately sanctioned a rematch between Jarrett and Riviera per the former champions contractual stipulation. However Riviera was unsuccessful. Through some maneuvering from James J Dillon and posturing, the NWA gave Riviera another show. Seemingly tonight in Chowchilla, redemption was spelled E M P I R E as Riveria regained his stature as champion and solidified the strong hold the Empire has over the NWA.

Also in Lompoc, The Ballard Bros. Became the New Interim NWA Western States Tag Team Champions.

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