RIP Matt Bourne

I have been podcasting since 2009.  In the four years that I have been doing my podcasts, the biggest name to do my show was Matt Osbourne in 2010 in preparation of the NWA Southwest Parade of Champions.  The show would mark the return of Matt Borne to the Dallas Area as well as a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match between “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and Charlie Haas.

Bourne was all class coming on to my show.  He put over the National Wrestling Alliance, the two men competing in the main event, his opponent and even this website.  I was blown away how open and honest Bourne was appearing on my show.  He treated my podcast like it was big time, even if it wasn’t and I will always be forever grateful for his kindness and to Ken Taylor for setting it up.  He spoke to me, like we had been buddies, although we were speaking for the first time.  He was my all time favorite guest and he’ll be missed.

 Mike Johnson at PWInsider did a terrific job chronicling his career.  Please take a read.


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