REWRITING THE ROLE | NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 24 | Nick Aldis & Cody

Ten Pounds of Gold 24 explores the story of Cody & Nick Aldis rewriting the role they’re in. The ALL IN event sold out in thirty minutes and now the NWA Worlds Championship picture seems clear. Cody and Nick Aldis went face-to-face in London, England at the Ring of Honor Wrestling event called Honor United. To agree to Nick Aldis vs. Cody for the NWA Worlds Championship, the man currently holding the Ten Pounds of Gold had a card to play as the self-processed dealer.

If Cody wins the ROH Worlds Championship on June 29th at ROH Best in the World, then it will be World Title vs. World Title – ROH vs. NWA Worlds Championship.

The story covered in this Ten Pounds of Gold follows Cody’s story from asking for his release from WWE, to finding Ring of Honor, and the reason he’s challenging for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Including the importance of the NWA Worlds Title and his father Dusty Rhodes.

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