Revisiting Seven Levels of Hate

If you are a member of the I strongly encourage you to listen to Mike Johnson’s “SEVEN LEVELS OF HATE: CINEMASLAM LOOKS AT THE ADAM PEARCE-COLT CABANA FEUD DOCUMENTARY.” One of the biggest drawbacks from the previous NWA ownership was not getting on board with the Seven Levels of Hate program that was highlighting a blood feud between Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce that focused on elevating the Legendary 10lbs of Gold and Leather.  The attraction; the duo brought to the forefront made headlines and main evented several different wrestling promotions across the United States and culminated in Australia.

If you haven’t watched the documentary yet, it’s available for digital download at

Johnson noted that he might have undersold the importance of the documentary when it was initially released.  After watching the documentary again he realizes how much history, legacy, of Cabana and Pearce and also the sullied history of the National Wrestling Alliance.  It’s the only film of it’s kind that really focuses on where the NWA was, with regards to transition from one set of owners to the new set of owners and pulls back the curtain on the greatest feud in modern day independent wrestling and reveals where things went wrong with the NWA.

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