Review of SoCal Pro’s Super Clash 2010

This would mark the 4th time this year I would make the trek down the 5 South to Mission Blvd. to make my way to the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club. I have been yet to be disappointed by a single show put on by SoCal Pro and and last night was no different. SoCal Pro’s SuperClash is one of the biggest pro-wrestling events in Oceanside California.

In the opening bout, the SoCal Pro Tag Team Champions, RockNES Monsters joined Jason Redondo to take on the tag team of “Pretty” Peter Avalon, Ric Ellis, and “Megastar” Tommy Wilson.  No doubt about it, RockNES Monsters have the crowd eating out of their hands.  From the moment the rock version of Tetris hits the airwaves the crowd surrenders their loyalty to the Johnnies, Goodtime and Yuma.  And for their loyalty, the fans are rewarded with spectacular double teams and creative aerial assaults.  Conversely, everything Goodtime and Yuma do for the crowd, “Pretty” Peter does the opposite.  Where the RockNES Monsters lure the crowd in with their charisma, Avalon’s charisma chases the fanbase away.  And the “Megastar” somehow, someway, has created a small but vocal fanbase, which were adamant about Tommy Wilson not being a “Mega-Turd.”  The Melee that unfolded after the bell rang was something out of a street fight.  Referee Everett Scott was completely ineffective in keeping the action in the ring.  Often being sat on top of the turnbuckle by Wilson.  The action spilled out of the ring very early and spent most of the time out there.  Ellis, Avalon, and Redondo were all nailed with a dangerous, yet tactical double dive from the Monsters than laid out the entire crowd.  It was followed up with a “Megastar” dive on the wreckage of bodies.  Wilson had taken control of the match and looked nearly undefeatable.  That is until the RockNES Monsters hit their patent Ace Crusher/Brain Kick on Wilson and completely changed the momentum of the match.  Redondo was able to capitalize on the dazed Wilson and get the 1-2-3.  A disgusted Avalon abandoned the post match Wilson leaving Ellis looking like the child caught in the middle of a parent argument.  This match could have easily been the main event of most wrestling shows, but this was the opener.  It certainly got the crowd fired up and the action was really intense.

The next match of the night was Angel Santos, taking on Aerial Star.  Santos certainly didn’t win over the crowd with his threats of bodily harm to the fans ring side.  This is the second time I’ve seen Santos wrestle and my only complaint about him is that he doesn’t seem to make eye contact with anyone.  I really thought he wrestled much better in this match than the previous one I had seen him in, but it seems he goes out of his way to avoid eye contact.  Aerial Star is Aerial Star.  He puts on a great match taking a couple of high risk maneuvers and attempts to get the crowd into his matches.  I like Star, I’d like to see more of him.  These two put on a good fight, but tonight it looked like Santos was going to take that upset.  Star ate a lot of offense from Santos, even hitting a fireman’s carry to a gut buster.  Santos got the near fall, but the victory would go to Aerial Star who racked up yet another victory in SoCal Pro.

Next up was the tag team match up featuring Matt Twizted and Todd Chandler going up against Anchors Away.  Anchors Away maybe underrated as a tag team.  They have some unique offense.  Stone and Jones really put the hurt on Twizted early on.  And Chandler’s offense was cut short due to the effective tag team wrestling that Anchors are known for.  Although it wasn’t announced as anything more than a tag team match, I think the Anchors are on their way for a showdown with Anchors Away.  The finish came when the Anchors combined for their tag team finish.  One scary moment during the match when a double teamed Todd Chandler look legitimately hurt after an Anchors Away dragon suplex.

The long storied rivalry between Johnny Paradise and SoCal Crazy started in Rowland Heights California.  While Crazy was the reigning champion of SoCal Pro, Paradise was the reigning champion of AWS.  The two would have a title for title match in which Crazy uprooted Paradise and won his championship making Crazy a duel champion in California.  The rivalry would continue even to the end of AWS when both men would eliminate each other out of the 149 Person Battle Royal.  To say these two have bad blood would be an understatement.  Crazy much like RockNES Monsters have the crowds admiration.  And rightfully so, his ring work.  Crazy would gain the upper hand early in the match up when Paradise who was waiting for him in the ring was shocked by Crazy entering through the crowd and hitting a flying drop kick of the top rope.  Crazy kept his early advantage through out most of the match.  His combination of high flying hitting offense kept Paradise off his feet.  A diving clothesline from Crazy toppled both he and Paradise over the top rope and on to the floor.  Referee Chris Massie would reach a 10 count, but that wouldn’t stop Paradise in continuing his assault on SoCal Crazy.  Paradise would re-enter the ring and demand to be named the victor because in his words “I’m still standing, he isn’t!”  Paradise would attempt to continue the assault when Aerial Star, Chandler, and Twizted would come to his rescue and help him to the back.

After a brief intermission the show returned with the new attitude of Nic Lovin.  No longer so loving, Nic Lovin who starting to resemble a much skinnier version of Necro the Butcher.  Lovin accepted the challenge of Kid Caramba.  Kid Caramba is certainly not a seasoned veteran, but has the ability to connect with the crowd.  Nic Lovin was able to dish out a lot of offense early on.  But the Kid was able to quickly rebound and take Lovin to task.  Only after interference from Peter Avalon, did Nic Lovin recoup and steal a victory from Caramba.

The first of two main events, had to be quickly reshuffled, when Chimera who had fallen ill and was told by doctors to “sit this one out.”  Feeling in for Chimera was Locura, who was hoping to best NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.  I never had seen Locura before and I was really impressed with his abilities in the ring.  Pearce the season veteran was certainly at a disadvantage in this match up, as his preparation had been for Chimera and I’m sure registered a complaint with Bob Trobich and the National Wrestling Alliance for the bait and switch in opponents.  And it may seem that Locura may be following because he was well aware of the rotator-cuff injury Pearce is suffering from.  A lot of extensive arm work from Locura to start the match off.  Deep arm-drags into arm bars, kept the World Champion off his feet.  Locura was smart to wear Pearce’s arm down.  Locura also mostly stayed grounded during the match, which seems a little out of the ordinary from what I’ve been told about Locura.  The thing about Adam Pearce is he can really get a crowd worked up.  Some people do not appreciate the nuances of getting a crowd into a match, but Adam just seems to know the precise timing to shout at a fan or make a gesture to get the crowd back into a match.  Pearce perhaps spent a little too much time jaw-jacking with the crowd then concentrating on Locura.  And a couple of times Locura looked to have Pearce defeated.  Once having Adam pinned, with the champ having the ring presence to put his foot on the rope and another time when Locura had him in a submission only to have Pearce find the ropes again.  Pearce a couple of times looked to hit the infamous Superfly Splash made famous by Jimmy Snuka, both times, Pearce was caught climbing to the top.  The match ended almost as abruptly as it began, when Pearce was able to hit his signature piledriver.  Another fun match with Pearce.

In the main event, history was made at the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club, and if you’ve been following SoCal Pro closely at all, you are more than aware of the tension that has been brewing between Ricky Mandel and Hector Canales.  Former tag team partners.  Former SoCal Pro Tag Team Champions.  Mandel and Canales used to be like brothers.  But that all changed when Ricky Mandel employed the services of one C. Edward Vanderpyle.  Vanderpyle known as the manager of champions did infact manage Mandel to the SCP Heavyweight Championship.  But at the cost of destroying the friendship between Canales and Mandel.  Canales would hunt for an opportunity to seek his vengeance on his former partner through out the past few months, only to finally get him in a one-on-one match up for the SCP Heavyweight Championship.  It seemed the odds were heavily stacked against Canales before the bell ever rang, when Tommy Wilson returned to ring side along with Vanderpyle and Mandel to add some color commentating to the match up.  Early on the shenanigans of Vanderpyle would lead to Mandel getting the upper hand.  The back and forth in the ring would eventually spill out to the crowd, after Referee Everett Scott got caught with a splash into the corner..  Mandel, clutching had the head of Canales, empties one section of seating to toss his one time partner into the seats.  Canales would turn the table and throw Mandel over the security barricade and on to the plastic folding chairs.  Referee Scott still out of it as Canales would throw Mandel into another set of chairs on the outside.  Even making their way to the SoCal Pro Merchandise (which still has the SoCal Pro Collecion of Action Figures, all 5 for $40.  Perfect Stocking Stuffers).  Canales even launched Mandel into the wall where his face connected with a poster featuring his face for said action figures.  The melee on the outside would wind up back in the ring and would lead to Canales winning the SCP Heavyweight Title.  And just as Tommy Wilson entered the ring ready to lay waste to the victor.  But out came the RockNES Monsters followed by the NWA World Champion, wielding a chair to the rescue.  I was almost certain Adam was going to use that chair on Canales, but to his credit, he was there for the celebration.  And a celebration did ensue after the match.  The faces of the locker room emptied bringing a little bubbly and beer to the ring.  And between the champagne showers, Canales invited Mandel the opportunity to face him again at the SoCal Pro next show.  During all of this fans around the ring entered to join the party. 

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