REVIEW of NWA Southwest’s Parade of Champions X

The Following is a Review of NWA Southwest’s Parade of Champions X by DKM.

So I went to my first live wrestling event in years to watch NWA champion Adam Pearce defend his title against Charlie Haas. I have already posted the results in the Results section of the board and these are just my thoughts on the experience.
My sister and I drove an hour and 20 minutes to find out my directions were to the wrong location. They were to the High School, not the High School Gymnasium (which in my experience is normally near the school). Thank goodness for smart phones as I was able to get the correct address and the phones GPS got us there quickly.
So we go in buy our tickets and as security asks that if we want to sit in the bleacher to sit on the far side across from the hard camera for the TV taping. Since there wasn’t a bad seat in the house we head that way. We stop and buy a program and go sit down. Both Charlie Haas and Matt Borne had their own tables. Instead of auctioning off Doink’s wig, they held a raffle to which I bought 3 tickets, but didn’t win.
Now I am terrible at crowd estimates and won’t attempt to make one other than to say it was a good draw for Texas at this time with this economy. It was a hot crowd that got into matches and there were a lot of families with kids.
At the start of the card wrestlers surrounded the ring for a 10-bell salute for Lance Cade, Jack Brisco (who was from Oklahoma), Grizzly Smith, and longtime fan Matt Vittitow.
That card was setup well, with each match progressing and being “better” than the one before it for the most part. For his age, Matt Borne can still kick ass pretty well. Baboose and Adam Pearce are both masters at working a crowd. They had the crowd hating them from the time they started to speak. Keep an eye on tag champs Pretty Flawless and new Jr champ Kevin Douglas. They got talent.
The Jr-heavyweight title match was the show stealer having the best action and comedy. “Family Friendly?” moment one came when Ann Dromeda and Gabe the Babe kissed Andy Dalton back to back. The other was when a bunch of kids from 6-12 years old started a “You Suck!” chant at Adam Pearce. It was golden to see the look on Pearce’s face. By the way Pearce has really grown in his role as champion and is one his way to becoming perhaps the best NWA Champion since its WCW days.
So I had a great time and that is all that really matters.

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