Review of NWA Southwest even on May 21st.

So what do you do when you find out your local NWA promotion is holding a free show on your birthday?  You start making plans and pray for no rain.

NWA Southwest and Longhorn Harley Davidson teamed up for a block party.  With a theme of Beer, Babes, Bikes and Pro Wrestling the show lived up to its billing.

Some friends and I got in the car drove the 30 minutes got parked around 1:30.  With bell time at 2:00, we had plenty of time wonder around and look at the bikes and dream.  We also got to see the Bikini Bike Wash (part of the babes) and we found the beer stand (I was the driver so none for me)

So we go back to the parking lot just before 2:00 to catch the show.  Promoter Ken Taylor said there were 500 people that came out, but honestly that almost sounds low to me.  The event was BYOC (bring your own chair) but the vast majority of people stood.  The show started with them bringing out Lance Hoyt who made it very clear that he was a heel.  He insulted the crowd to get them into it or at least that is what I think he was doing.  Being an outdoor event the sound system has horrid and we couldn’t really understand what people were saying except for the Starr and Cody Jones who seemed too talk in a clearer voices.  So now on to the show:

The first match was Dick Dallas vs. Cowboy James Claxton.  I had never seen either man and couldn’t understand the ring announcer so when I asked a guy next to me who Dick Dallas was, he told me Seth Shi who I had never heard of (promoter Ken Taylor has since said it was Dallas).  It was a typical opener and went to a 10 minute draw.  The crowd never seemed that into it but I do think it had anything to do with either man as much as with people getting settled in to watch.

Match two was the other part of the Babes theme as Barbi Hayden took on Starr.  Hayden is rapidly become one of the top female wrestlers in Texas and is scheduled to get a shot at the NWA World Women’s title in June for NWA Houston.  Starr told the crowd that the reason she got into wrestling was to beat up little rich bitches who think they only have to look pretty to be a wrestler (this got her over with the crowd).  Barbi, the heel in this match, soon proved that she is one tough rich bitch but in the end it was Starr who got the pin.  Good ladies match.

The first of the Texas state title matches was next as former NWA Texas Jr. Heavyweight champion Kevin Douglas took on multi time champion Cody Jones.  Douglas never lost the title having to give it up because of injury.  Douglas has some mad skills and had some supporters in the crowd and he and Jones put on what may have been the best match of the day. Douglas gets the pin at just past 15 minutes with a frog splash from the top rope to become a two time champion.  I really hope he stays healthy and keeps the title because a match between him and Craig Classic would be great (hint hint Mr. Taylor)

The NWA Texas Tag Team titles were on the line as Impeccable took on former champion Pretty Flawless.  In one of those continuity issues come in wrestling, Impeccable split as a team earlier this month in NWA Houston when Ken turned on Joey.  Well I guess they made up in time to defend the titles but it left little doubt about the outcome (not that 99% of the people at the show knew it).  Once again Pretty Flawless proved to me that they might be able to make the big time one day as they regained the titles.  More hints to Ken Taylor I would love to see Flawless vs. Dark City Fight Club for the World tag team title.  After the match I waited to see if Impeccable who split here as well but it didn’t happen.  Ken Carson said something but again we couldn’t understand it.

Time for the main event as Lance Hoyt took on Scott Summers for NWA Texas Heavyweight title in a 2 out of 3 fall match.  Hoyt makes for the perfect cocky heel.  With Hoyt trying to slow things down by getting out of the ring and brushing off his challenger the first fall ended out of nowhere when Summers gets Hoyt to submit quickly to a choke/stretch submission move.  The two put on a good match for the next two falls, going back and forth and Hoyt getting trashed talked by the crowd for having a “Tramp Stamp” tattoo.  Hoyt gets two clean pins, the final one being with one hell of a choke slam, to retain the title.  The NWA needs to give some serious consideration to putting one of the BOD titles on him and let’s see what he can do with them.

It is pretty wild to think we got to see a show for free that featured talent that have the skills to hold any of the current NWA board titles.  Thank you Longhorn Harley Davidson and NWA Southwest.

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