Results: NWA Top Of Texas Oct. 5th

NWA Top of TexasNWA Top Of Texas
October 5, 2013
NWA Amarillo Wrestleplex
Amarillo, TX

To kick off the show, “Honest” Jack Logan brought in NWA Top of Texas Heavyweight Champion Benny Benitez officially under his fold. Weird Science interrupted wearing their Dog Collars and presented Jake Logan with his ‘fashion’ for the Tag Team Dog Collar Match for the Tag Titles next week. Jack then announced it would be a pseudo Pick Your Poison night for the participants in the match, except Cody Jones who was out of town. Jack declared Nolen Phillips would have to fight all three members of Fate Inc. in a Handicap match, while Benny Benitez offered to eliminate Josh Jackson for Jack. In response, Jake was forced into a match with Cancun Kidd.

Match #1: “Mad Scientist” Nolen Phillips vs. Fate Inc.

Nolen managed to use his intellect to trap each member of Fate Inc. in various submissions until the numbers game got the better of him. They spent the rest of the match up isolating and obliterating his left leg. Even after a brief comeback, Nolen was silenced by Ryan Justice and pinned. After the match, the trio and their manager, Paula Fate, continued to destroy Nolen’s leg at the demands of Jack Logan, who had previously barred Josh Jackson from ringside.

Winners- Ryan Justice, Hudson Crowly, and Joey Armstrong

Match #2: Cancun Kidd vs. NWA Top Of Texas Tag Team Champion “True Rebel” Jake Logan

This contest was exactly what you would expect from these two, as they traded move for move, hold for hold for fifteen minutes. As soon as Cancun Kidd was poised to end Jake with the Frog Splash, Jack Logan tried to get involved. It was enough to distract the referee and allow Jake to hit a Low Blow and finish Cancun with his Rebel Knock out.

Winner- Jake Logan

Match #3: NWA Top Of Texas Heavyweight Champion Benny Benitez vs. THE Josh Jackson – Non-Title

In what was close to an upset in the making, Josh Jackson brought a tough fight to Benny Benitez, shocking the crowd with how well he was able to keep up with the powerhouse. Josh had Benny down on several different occasions, but ultimately the champion hoisted Josh into the air and planted him with a Powerbomb to end his night early. After the match, Jake and Jack Logan entered the ring with the dog collar and chain and used it to choke Josh out. With Nolen now injured, he had no one to save him from the post match beatdown.

Winner- Benny Benitez

Main Event: Texas Rodeo Rumble to Declare a New Heavyweight Number One Contender

After announcing that Nolen would be in at Number One for extra punishment, a new member of the roster entered every three minutes after. Most of the people stayed in the match for a long time, except Jake Logan. Jake Logan was immediately tossed from the ring as soon as he hit it by Weird Science. But, Jack Logan put him back in as a future entrant. After being eliminated immediately again by a solo Josh Jackson, Jack re-entered his son for a third time. Joey Armstrong cleared the ring of many of the competitors as soon as he got in, establishing his dominance. Jake Logan was thrown out for a third time by Cancun Kidd, but begged and pleaded to get one more shot. Ultimately, Jake Logan was the final entrant and fought through until the Final Four with Nathan Briggs, Cancun Kidd and Joey Armstrong. The monster Joey was tripled teamed by the other three to be thrown out, and some miscommunication lead to Jake inadvertedly being pushed into Cancun by Briggs to eliminate the Cancun Kidd. After both finalists spilled to the ring apron, Jake went for his Rebel Knock Out and was shoved into the ringpost, falling to the floor as Nathan fell back into the ring.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender to the NWA Top Of Texas Heavyweight Championship- Nathan Briggs

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