[Results] from NWA BOW “Alamo City Invasion”

Results from NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling presents “Alamo City Invasion”NJPW

1. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens and Chris Richards defeated Weazy Woo and Tyler Colton.

2. NWA BOW Cruiserweight Champion Mike Dell defeated Mike Taylor.

3. Jojo Bravo defeated Takaaki Watanabe, Jason Kincaid, Ricky Starks, Rudy Russo and JC Bravo in a six-man scramble.

4. The Killer Elite Squad (Davey B…oy Smith, Jr. and Lance Hoyt) defeated the Lords of K.A.O.S. (Lance Erikson and Damien Wayne), Ray Rowe and Lou Marconi, and the Sons of Texas (James Claxton and Alex Reigns) in a four-team elimination match.

5. Gedo defeated Scot Summers.

6. Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Byron Wilcott and Michael Tarver.

7. Charlie Haas successfully defended the NWA BOW Heavyweight Championship against Ryan Genesis.

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