[Results] CWFAZ TV Taping Oct. 29th

Arizona 8Championship Wrestling from Arizona
October 29th 2017
Empire Night Club
Phoenix, AZ

.1. Gino Rivera defeas The Producer Professional Pretty Peter Avalon

2. Royce Isaacs defeats Navajo Warrior

3. Manny Lemons defeats Hawaiian Lion

4.Ray Rosas defeats EJ Sparks

5. MMJ!!! Miracle Mike James defeats Johnny Saovi

6. Manny Lemons defeats Royce Isaacs

7.Gino Rivera defeats Ray Rosas

8. Hawaiian Lion and Navajo Warrior The Tribe defeat Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro The Classic Connection with Peter

9.Rory Mortinson with Madison Swan and Justice Supreme defeats Ryan Morals

10.Killer Kevin Kross defeats EJ Sparks
After his match Kevin demanded that he wanted his match with Alberto who was not there tonight and had to deal with a medical emergency back in Mexico. In so much anger Kevin attacks Manny in the ribs before his match. Manny goes on to wrestle in the main event .

11. Gino defeats Manny to become the first Arizona State Champion.

(Credit: Kelby Kline)

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