[Results] Casino Royale 2016 on April 10th & 11th 2016

NIGHT 1 – April 10, 2016:

Tokyo Monster Kahagas wins the 2016 Casino Royale Rumble, last eliminating Sam Houston
Nick Bugatti (w/ Mazzerati) defeated “Ballistic” Brent Myers
Team Blue Collar Wrestling (Badd Blood, Buddy Highway & Lonestar) def. Team Circle City Wrestling (Mike King, Joey Owens & Rob Kincaid w/ Ronnie Vegas)
in a Six-Man Tag Team Match with titles on the line. Badd Blood pinned Rob Kincaid for the NWA Heritage Championship
“Bad Boy” Boyce LeGrande (w/ Lucian D. Light) defeated Johnny Dynamo
to retain the Gold Rush Dynamite Division Championship
Honor Society (Drake Frost & Sir Samurai) def. Thunder League (Scoot Robertson & Patrick Fitzpatrick w/ Donovan Troi), Keepers of The Faith (Dom Vitalli & Gabriel Gallo) and Will Roberts & Airon Skye
in a Four-Way Tag Team Match to retain the Pro Wrestling Bushido Tag Team Championship
Suede Thompson defeated Jason Muse and Owen Travers
to retain the Big Valley Wrestling Championship
The Midnight Delight (Sean Casey, Billy Blade & Richie Slade w/ Rock Riddle & Gold Digger) def. The Von Dooms (Cyanide & Vintage Dragon) & Bobby Sharp
in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Kings of Suplexes (Blake Grayson & Angel Stone) def. Steven Andrews & Rudy Luna (w/ Drake Fortune)
“The California Black Sheep” Mike Rayne def. Funny Bone and Sunami
to retain the NWA World Tri-Force Championship
The Left Coast Guerrillas (Hoodlum & Anaya) defeated Mercury Yaden & Royce Isaacs (w/ Titus Machiavelli)
Tab Jackson def. Mazzerati, “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo, Holidead, Chelsea Diamond, and Kat Von Heez
for the 2016 Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup

NIGHT 2 – April 11, 2016:

NWA Hall of Fame Inductions hosted by R. Bruce Tharpe & Carmine DeSpirito. Inductees include:
Len Rossi
Professor Boris Malenko
“Playboy” Gary Hart
Jim Ross
Nick Bockwinkel
“The Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony defeated Apoc
Johnny Devine wins the Second Chance Battle Royal, last eliminating Mustang Mike
Americos defeated Davey Vega
to retain the IHWE California West Coast Championship
“The Original Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle was inducted into the IHWE Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame
by Bill Apter, Michael McCurdy & Joe Sousa
Melissa & Kairi Hojo battled Thunder Rock (Mayu Iwatani & Io Shirai) to a Time Limit Draw
“Godzilla” Jax Dane defeated Tim “Perfect” Storm
to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Rocker” Marty Jannetty & Kobra Kai defeated “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bodhi & Markus Burke
“The Independent Sensation” Santana Garrett def. “Unstoppable” Thunder Rosa (w/ La Rosa Negra & Holidead)
via disqualification due to outside interference. Thunder Rosa retains the Gold Rush Lady Luck Championship
The Iron Empire (Matt Riviera & Rob Conway) def. The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard )
to retain the NWA World Tag Team Championship
“Mr. Money’s Worth” Sammy Guevara defeated “Absolute” Ricky Starks
to retain the Smash Mouth Wrestling Bull of the Woods Championship
“War Pig” Jody Kristofferson def. “Axe Murderer” Bobby Hart
to retain the Interim Pro Wrestling Bushido Championship
Short Sleeve Sampson, Kiara Dillon & Chelsea Diamond def. Prince Akeem, Bambi Hall & Kat Von Heez
in a Six-Person Inter-Gender Tag Team Match
“The Last Temptation” Ricky Ruffin defeated “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury (w/ Donovan Troi)
to retain the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defeated Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Championship
The Players Club (J-Cash, Leon Hater & Ricky Tenacious) def. Death In Motion (Greg Romero, Beast The Butcher & Big Dirty)
in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
Johnny Devine defeated Tokyo Monster Kahagas
for the 2016 Cauliflower Alley Cup, becomes first to win the Cup from winning the Second Chance Battle Royal.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling would like to thank the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino and the Cauliflower Alley Club for once again hosting a Casino Royale event, in addition to our partner promotions:

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Bushido
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Big Valley Wrestling
Freakshow Wrestling
Midget Wrestling Warriors
Smash Mouth Wrestling
World Wonder Ring Stardom
The National Wrestling Alliance–including:
NWA Blue Collar Wrestling
NWA Circle City Wrestling
NWA Mid South
NWA New Revolution Wrestling
Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence

Credit: NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling

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