Rest In Peace, Joseph Hudson

Everyone at is gutted to hear the passing of Joseph Hudson, aka The Question Mark and/or Jocephus. He has left us far too soon.

Everyone at sends our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Joseph Hudson, known to many as The Question Mark. Hudson passed away on February the 24th. Those wishing to contribute to the GoFundMe account set up for his final expenses and his son can do so by visiting

It’s with a heavy heart that I share that my friend and brother in wrestling, Joseph Hudson has passed away suddenly from an as-yet undiagnosed medical issue. NWA Fans would know him as The Question Mark where thanks to the great fans at the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Joseph was able to receive the kind of support in the ring he’d always dreamt of. He is survived by a young son whom he loved dearly and if anything would pain him about leaving this Earth it would be not being able to be there for his boy. RIP Joseph, love to you and Godspeed.

William Patrick Corgan February 24th 2021

Who was Jocephus?

Joseph Hudson entered into the foray of professional wrestling making his in-ring debut in 2009, He was one of the first students of Dutch Mantel when he opened his wrestling school. Hudson stayed local to the Tennessee wrestling scene, competing largely in the independents United States Wrestling Organization (USWO) and Showtime Allstar Wrestling (SAW). Wrestling under the name of Jocephus Brody, Hudson paid tribute to the legendary brawler. Hudson had the opportunity to portray the legendary Bruiser Brody in the critically exclaimed look at professional wrestling, Dark Side of the Ring in 2019.

Has the momentum for Jocephus grew, he began to get noticed outside of Middle Tennessee. He would win the USWO Heavyweight Championship on the NWA collaborative project Cyberslam, which combined the efforts of NWA Top Rope and USWO. Around that time Jocephus would gain the attention of NWA SAW where he would briefly hold the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Hudson would also begin to work for future NWA President William Patrick Corgan for the short-lived Resistance Pro Wrestling.

Hudson would eventually drop the homage to Brody and adopted a Masonic Character gimmick that would preach to his Kingdom. Hudson would soon find himself continuing to work for USWO, SAW, RPW, and would be welcomed to Jeff Jarret’s Global Wrestling Federation. Hudon was ever the intellectual outside the ring but inside was still a wild brute.

Jocephus and the NWA

Although Jocephus had had many experiences with the NWA in the past, it was only after Corgan’s purchase of the NWA, did Hudson really come into his own. Gaining much notoriety with his feud with Tim Storm, Hudson solidified his place within the NWA as a quirky heel who was capable of manipulating talent in his favor. His biggest match for the NWA would culminate in a hair vs hair match against David Arquette as the NWA New Year’s Clash, losing not only his match but both his hair and beard However, it was the Question Mark that gained the greatest popularity for Hudson. Hudon would last wrestle his final match on NWA POWERRR Episode 21, where he and Aron Stevens lost to Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson (the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express).

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