Report of NWA Lone Star & TX Stampede Wrestling’s "One More Time"

Show Report Courtesy of DKM of
On May 21, 2011 I went to an NWA Southwest card in Grand Prairie, Texas. Little
did I know at that time it would be the last NWA Southwest card ever and last NWA card in the Fort Worth/Dallas area until last night.
We saw the NWA return in the form of NWA Lone Star as they and TX Stampede Wrestling held “One More Time”. I don’t do crowd estimates, but I will say it was a full house with almost every seat taken.
The night started with the playing of the National Anthem (this is Texas) though most people were looking for a flag at first, it was great way to start the night.

The first match was Diamond Dave taking on “Big Hoss” Scott Murdoch. A little man vs big man match, Murdoch beat on Dave for a good portion of the match. Dave mounted a comeback with 3 spinning kicks to the head. After some back in forth Dave has Murdoch in position for a Scorpion Death Drop but instead turns in to a spinning face smasher for the pin. After the match Murdoch lays out Dave with a spinning Power Bomb.

Lance Romance’s The International Playaz Club which consists of Romance, Mike Foxx, Wally Darkmon, C-Diddy, & Jared Steele made their way to the ring with Lance talking up each member of the club. Foxx then got on the mic to talk about his match with Action Jackson, noting he would “destroy” and “humiliate” him in the main event.

Next Byron Wilcott came to the ring in full face mode greeting the fans and getting in the ring. He made it sound like he was about to introduce Slick by talking about a great star that was there tonight, but it turned out he was talking about himself. Now in full heel mode, he insulted the fans until Barrett Brown came out. Wilcott had said he didn’t have a match that night and Brown said he didn’t have one either so he challenged Wilcott who accepted.

The crowd, who were really into Wilcott’s mic work, were not into the match as much. It was another big man (Wilcott) vs little man (Brown) match with an even bigger size difference than the first match. Brown never got much offence in and Wilcott got the pin with a power bomb.

The third match was Danny Matthews taking on “Blackzilla” Keith Lee. Lee is built like a Mac Truck and showed his power during the match. One funny thing was Lee was dressed in what looked like boxing trunks, bicycle knee pads, and high top style of tennis shoes and some of the fans were yelling at him to get some real wrestling gear. Must say that I agree because if you are going to wrestle, then look the part. It was a good match that saw Matthews win with a tornado DDT.

At this point all the faces came out of the locker room so they could present a Lifetime Achievement Award to “The Doctor of Style” Slick. Travis Baxter (the ring announcer) gave a quick history of Slick’s time in the business and then introduced “The Texas Legend” Action Jackson to hand the award to Slick. Slick then spoke about his career and many of the big names he had worked with even noting he was once knocked out by Kerry Von Erich. After saying thank you he came back to tell Jackson to watch his back tonight because Romance could not be trusted.

As the wrestlers left Lance Hoyt, who had not been billed for the card, stayed out, got in the ring and talked about his career gave a big thanks to all the wrestlers in the back and fans, all of whom had made his career successful. The crowd chanted “Shadow” at him, which was his first gimmick in wrestling.

After the introduction of the next match between The Dark Circle, Apocalypse & Tim Storm, and The International Playaz Club team of C-Diddy & Jared Steele with Mary Jane, NWA Lone Star’s Tony Brooklyn entered the ring with the NWA Lone Star Tag Team belts. Brooklyn noted whichever team won would be moving closer to the titles and then he introduced the #1 contenders to the tag titles, Chaz Taylor and Hambone. Brooklyn noted that while the two teams in the ring were good, Taylor & Hambone were the best (wonder what the current NWA Lone Star tag team champions will think of that?) Taylor then told both teams to stay out of their way and reminded Storm that the two of them have some unfinished business.

It was a hot tag team match that saw Storm pin C-Diddy for the win. Afterwards, the Dark Circle

got on the mic and said they had been the best tag team in Texas for 12 years, that they were ready to take the NWA Lone Star tag team titles and called the #1 contenders, Chaz Taylor & Hambone, to the ring saying they ready to face them right now. Taylor and Hambone were ready but Tony Brooklyn said it couldn’t happen tonight and they need to what until the paperwork was done.

The fifth match featured “Freaky Playa” Wally Darkmon taking on “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer. It was suppose to be a three way with Paul London. A sign was posted by the ticket table stating London would be there and honestly he wasn’t missed. A match with lots of high spots the end came when Darkmon hit the Mood Swing which is a rolling pile driver. In what was (hopefully) the best sell of the night, Palmer remained down for some time and had to be helped to the back.

OK it is main event time and in a no DQ match its “Main Event” Mike Foxx with the “Original Playa” Lance Romance facing “Texas Legend” Action Jackson. A hot match with a hot crowd, Action Jackson had Foxx beat when Romance pull out the referee, James Beard. Slick came out and attacked Romance and right behind him was Hoyt who got in the ring looked at Foxx and then hit Jackson with Big Boot allowing Foxx to get the pin.

The Playaz Club got in the ring to beat down Jackson while Slick went to the back and got Danny Matthews, Tim Storm, and Apoc. They came out with chairs and cleared the ring. Jackson told Hoyt he wanted him in the ring right now but Hoyt said he had to get paid to get in the ring with Jackson because he was not worth his time. Slick then got on the mic and announced that at the next show he was going to bring in someone from New York (implied WWF/E) who knew how to take care of business. Security actually had to hold some fans back as the as the Playaz Club left. I haven’t see emotion like that in ages.

So overall, a wonderful job and if they keep going like this they will outgrow their current building fast. As for me, I can’t wait for the next show on March 31.

“The Republic is Restored.”

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