Remembering Lance Cade…

Cade & MurdockToday marks the 5th year of the passing of Lance Cade.  Cade had become a mainstay for the National Wrestling Alliance, specifically in Hollywood with then members Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (teaming with Trevor Murdock) and a singles competitor in NWA Southwest.  With overtures to the NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship, the NWA North American Championship, and even the NWA World Heavyweight Championship; it always felt that Cade was going to do something incredible for the NWA.  However, Cade passed away at the age of 29.

What resonated with me when speaking to Cade on my podcast was his passion for wrestling and his passion for his family.  He was excited to be “liberated” from his deal with the WWE, which meant he could be more creative in his wrestling and spend more time being a father to his children.

Cade came up through the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy and was trained by Rudy Boy Gonzales.  Cade was apart of the same class that launched the careers of Brian Kendrick and Daniel Bryan.  In fact, Cade and then Dragon teamed together to represent the Texas Wrestling Alliance in Japan at FMW when they teamed up against Mammoth Sasaki & Naohiko Yamazaki.

Cade spent sometime in the WWE teaming with Murdock and had much success winning the WWE Tag Team Titles on three occasions.  The duo reunited in the National Wrestling Alliance and briefly feuded with the Young Bucks and seemed to be heading towards a NWA World Tag Team Championship feud with the Skull Krushers before Cade accepted a deal to return to the WWE, which he would tell me on the podcast he later regretted.  It was then he would return to the NWA in singles competition and started to make waves.

I believe that Cade could have been the man to take the NWA World Championship off of Adam Pearce.  Unfortunately we never got to see how his role was to play out.  Godspeed Lance Cade, you’re still missed.

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