Regal Recap: a NWA Championship recap.

The National Champion Phil Shatter has been making the rounds recently. Aside from working the Total Non-Stop Action Live Events and the NWA Legends Fanfest, “the Universal Soldier” successfully defended his championship at the Atlanta’s Dragon*Con. Shatter retained his championship by defeating the foursome of Ace Rockwell, Mikal Judas, and Shaun Tempers. Oddly enough there was some controversy as to who actually won the National Title at Dragon*Con. It was originally reported by some sources that Ace Rockwell won the championship, however reports later showed the Universal Soldier was in fact triumphant. However, the champ makes his way back to the scene of the crime, that is he’s going back to NWA East. Shatter, who won his championship by defeating not only Chris LeRusso, but former champion Crusher Hansen in a triple threat match, is slated to appear back in NWA East on Sept. 26th. His opponent has been announced as Ryan Mitchell. Mitchell earned this shot by going through former National Champion, Crusher Hansen. Before winning this match, Mitchell also won the Sean Evans Memorial Tournament.

The NWA North American Champions will also be defended at NWA East’s Sept. 26th show. Brandon K and Scottie Gash now known as Excellence Personified have been dealing with trouble. That trouble is often known as the Franchise Players. These two teams have been battling for months now and are heading for a head on collision on the 26th on the NWA East’s 15th Anniversary Show.

Speaking of the North American Champions, No one has properly challenged the behemoth of NWA On-Fire, El Gran Apollo. Apollo won the North American Championship in Tyler Texas by putting an end to Mike DiBiase’s long title reign. Apollo would later flex his muscle in his home promotion NWA On-Fire and won their heavyweight championship. Apollo would go on to defend his North American Championship once in New Jersey and once in Arizona. And since, nobody has made that championship a priority. On the verge of retiring the championship, Apollo did receive a challenge from none other than former WWE World Tag Team Champion, Lance Cade. Cade issued the challenge, but a family emergency kept Cade from meeting Apollo. Apollo ended up losing his On-Fire Heavyweight Title, to Billy Robinson. But with Cade looming in the background, how long will Apollo be able to hang on to this championship.

The Heavyweight Champion of the World… just came off a double shot weekend, where the Champion prevailed against the Idol of Brownsville, Golden King for NWA Southwest’s Paradise Pro Wrestling show. Also called Lucha Americana International was Demon’s second defense since defeating Oliver John and Super Crazy in Phoenix, AZ. Demon also had a match schedule in Corpus Christi on Sept. 11th for Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance, but no results have been posted as of this writing. Demon’s scheduled next defense was highly anticipated as it would have marked the first NWA event in Chicago for this millennium. Demon was to take on The Sheik with Joey Eastman of Fusion Pro Wrestling. Those matches will no long be sanctioned by the NWA, and will no longer be title matches.

Unfortunately the inactivity of the NWA World Tag Team Championships, NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship, and NWA Women Championship, I’ve got nothing to update. The current champions are the Skull Krushers, Mike Quackenbush, and MsChif, respectively.

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