Reaction to Aldis vs. Scurll for Crockett Cup 2019

From the Alliance-Wrestling Studios… Jay Cal discusses his thoughts on the announcement on the Worlds Championship Match for the 2019 Crockett Cup.

Historically the National Wrestling Alliance has featured a Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match. Ric Flair defended the championship at all three tournaments. In 1986 Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes by disqualification. In 1987 Flair defeated Barry Windham. In 1988, Nikita Koloff defeated Flair, by disqualification.

Scurll and Aldis history dates back to their original training. Obviously their career paths took a different approach, but both have gained quite the bit of notoriety outside of their home country in England.

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Lastly today is the NWA Woman’s World Championship Match at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Please stay tuned for content from today’s matches.

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