Rasche Brown’s Message to his Fans

To all of my friends foes and family from the neighborhood, high school, college, and former co workers who always told me to tell them when I wrestle here next, well the time has come. Dec 3rd Waukesha expo center I’m in for one of the biggest matches in my life.. I am a former 4x Mid American Wrestling Heavyweight, and 3x Tag team champion w/ Jason Dukes, Along with the NWA Midwest Heritage …championship and not to forget the longest reigning NWA world tag team champions of ALL TIME along with Kieth walker.

Well Saturday is a special evening for me because I am challenging one of my best friends in life “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce The NWA world champion. This is different because there is normally no love for the opponent but this is different. Support me and take in a clean hard fought battle between “brothers” as I finally realize the dream that I’ve had since the age of three, to be the NWA world champion. I’m gonna need every bit of energy from my friends and family to help me bring the NWA heavyweight championship to the state of Wisconsin..

I hope to see you all and let’s tear the roof off of the expo center Saturday night and let the champagne flow after wards

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