[Quick Results] NWA 70th Anniversary

Dark Match
James Ellsworth def. Roman Dynasty

4 Man Elimination for National
Shaw eliminates Cabana
Sky eliminates Sammy
Shaw eliminates Sky

Barrett Brown def. Laredo Kidd

4 Way a Elimination Match
Starks eliminates Mike Parrow
Mack eliminates Bradley
Mack eliminates Stark

Kiss My Foot Match
Tim Storm def. Peter Avalon

Woman’s Championship
Jazz def. Penelope Ford

NWA National Championship Final
Willie Mack def. Samuel Shaw

Open Challenge
War Kings def. The Kingdom of Jocephus

NWA Worlds Championship Match
2/3 Falls
Aldis def. Cody with Cloverleaf
Cody def. Aldis with Cross Roads
Aldis wins with a small package

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