Quick Results for NWA DAWG 09-29-12

NWA DAWG at Perfection Auto 9-29 quick results

Joey Spades defeated Zito

Wacky Wayne Woo beat James Coller

Steve Off defeated Xerox

Bad Karma beat Miguel Tempo & Mike Goldstien

Battle Royal Where the last 2 face the NWA DAWG Tag Team Champions Later in the show.. Winners: AssailANT & Joey Spades

Joe Gacy bested Nathan Avery

Shaheem Ali beat Marc Cruz

Sebastian Cruz defeated Tony Mamaluke

Biggie Biggs defeated Thomas Rodman.. After the match Bad Karma attacked Biggie.. Wacky Wayne Woo made the save with a cement covered shovel

AssailANT &Joey Spades defeated the Midnight Sensations (Sam Shields & Chris Rockwell) w/ the Sensational One to win the NWA DAWG Tag Team Championships due to a miscue of S-1.. After the match The Midnight Sensations beat up S-1

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