Pro Wres Expo — NWA International Stars Shine

The massive “Pro Wres EXPO 2008” was held over two days and encompassing three shows from October 24th to the 25th. The show was broken into three chapters: Part 1 – Green Chapter, Part 2 – White Chapter and Part 3 – Blue Chapter. The shows were held in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, and saw a mixture of wrestlers from all around the world come together for the event. The main fixture of the 3 days was the “Continent Confrontation Tournament” a tag team tournament. Not only did many wrestlers from all over the world appear, several Japanese and US companies were represented including New Japan, ZERO1, Big Japan and TNA and NWA Ireland and NWA Australia. Almost the entire ZERO1 roster took part in the three shows:
The first show of the Pro Wres Expo which took place in Tokyo featured many international talent. Former NWA British Common Wealth Heavyweight Champion Paul Tracey competed in match. And current NWA Australian National Champion Hartley Jackson lost to Zero One’s Ikuto Hidaka (who has made a few appearances on the NWA Showcase). The following night Jackson competed in another match. This time Tracey tag teamed with Heddi Karaoui in a lossing effort to Kohei Sato and Ryouji Sai, when Sai pinned Karaoui. And on the final day Jackson teaming with the Himalayan Tiger and Kikutaro defeating the team of Tengu Kaiser and Tengu Baron when Jackson used a piledriver on Tengu Baron.

I for one thing its great to see memebers of the Alliance wrestling Internationally. I was kind of disapointed to notice that none of the North American NWA wrestlers were competing.

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