Prime Time LIVE on Hiatus

After 12 weeks the weekly episode pay per view series Prime Time LIVE went on an indefinite hiatus.

David Marquez sat down with Jonny Loquasto on Episode 12 of the United Wrestling Network’s Prime Time LIVE to formally announce the Weekly Episodic Pay Per View would be going on hiatus for the rest of the year.

The plan is to “Take a knee and enjoy the holidays,” to paraphrase the owner of the United Wrestling Network. No specific time table was given for the show to return. During the course of the dialog, Marquez specified that the United World title match will happen. That the two men who will compete for the title are the tournament finalist Michael Bennett and Chris Dickinson. It will be at a future date. Marquez continued that the program was the highlight of his career and thanked his partners in the process.

The highlights over the past 12 weeks were of course the NWA Championship matches that occurred six times over the 12 weeks. Thunder Rosa defending her World Woman’s Championship twice, losing the second match to Serena Deeb. Trevor Mudroch put an end to his feud with Aron Stevens over the National Heavyweight Championship. The Pope liberated “Outlandish” Zicky Dice by defeating him for the Television Championship. And Stevens became a champion once again when he teamed with JR Kratos to win the Tag Team Championships. Other highlights of the weekly pay per view were the emergence of talents like Fred Rosser (who hadn’t been widely seen, since his time with the WWE), the breakout performances by Dickinson, Bennett, Danny Limelight, and Kevin Martenson.

Those NWA “sanctioned” matches that appeared on the weekly pay per view series have are being released on the NWA YouTube Channel. Tuesdays at 6 pm Eastern, packaged as NWA Shockwave (not to be confused with the NWA Cyberspace off-shoot, also called NWA Shockwave).

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