Prime Time Live Episode 9 Primer

Eli Drake and James Storm defend the NWA World Tag Team Championships, the UWN World Championship Semi-Finals will conclude when Dickinson and Rosser face off and Bennett and Daivari square off to see who advances to the finals.

After 9 weeks the  United Wrestling Network in conjunction with the national wrestling Alliance will host it’s very first NWA tag team title matchup.  Plus we have a return match with Lacey Ryan (potentially) defending her FSW Woman’s Championship.  And the semi-finals of the UWN World Title Tournament. As reported on the Pre Party With Jay Cal, Davey Boy Smith Jr. is at Thunder Studios and could potentially rejoin the tournament. It is also rumored that Will Allday and Sal Rinuaro might also be joining the card.


Big Money Clutch and Suge have been the most visible tag team on Prime Time LIVE. Unfortunately the duo have the distinction of one victory over the Friendship Farm and losses to UWN World Tag Team Champions SoCal Distancing and the Bodega.  4 Minutes Of Heat have also had a set of mix bag while competing for United Wrestling Network.  They have a split record with the Friendship Farm, they went to  no contest with SoCal Distancing on the Hollywood program and have victories over Beef Candy on the PPV.  


Lacey Ryan has been having a bang up 2020. Lacey currently leads the Best of Seven Series against Heather Monroe for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Last month she showed up at Shimmer defeating Davienne. This past weekend she made her debut for Mission Pro Wrestling, competing in the Tournament Out of Hell. In the tournament she bested Vert Vixen in the first round and Raychell Rose in the second round. Ryan will be back in Buda Texas to face Rosa Negra in the tournament Finals at MPW’s Send It on December 11th.


Last week Rosser was viciously attacked by Erick Redbeard following his victory by disqualification. Redbeard grew increasingly frustrated with the officiating of this match and tossed the referee to the floor, causing the match to end abruptly.  After screaming at the official, Redbeard took it upon himself to disrupt the tournament by putting the hurt on Rosser.  Rosser has already acknowledged his injured arm.  Which is a huge mistake for a tactician like Dickinson who will use every move in his arsenal to weaponize the injury and neutralize any offense Rosser could have hoped for.  Dickinson, on his last appearance, had to be surprised by the surgical-like attack that Peter Avalon used on his leg.  Dickinson was victorious, but it would be fair to say he is less than 100% either, however the Dirty Daddy has had more time to heal from his injury and currently UWN Fans give him a 33% chance of winning this tournament.  


A tale of two former X-Division Champions with a lot to prove.  Shawn Daivari won his X-Division Championship 8 years earlier than Bennett and roughly 12 years ago.  As an alternate, Daivari shocked a lot of folks by even appearing in the tournament, let alone advancing.  Daivari gave a litany of injuries that he is currently nursing before the match, which if Bennett was listening (or ordered the replay) could definitely give him an edge in this match up.  Bennett has found a way to win.  Bennett was able to take advantage of the reckless offense of Kevin Martenson last week to advance in the semi-finals.  But Bennett also surprised many with his victory over JR Kratos.   


“Belts, belts, belts, belts.”  While being interviewed by David Marquez at the Georgia Broadcasting Studios, Aron “The Shooter” Stevens who proudly was the NWA National Champion explained that his goal was for him and Question Mark to win every single championship in the NWA. With standing his challenge was initially made towards Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson of the Rock N Roll Express, the challenge fell on deaf ears and a match was never made.  Fast forward to episode six of Prime Time Live and the challenge was heard.  Stevens demanded a shot for the Question Mark and himself to take on the NWA World Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Eli Drake.  The Champions have appeared independently on Prime Time LIVE, but this will mark their second title defense since winning their championship and their first since January 26th.  It felt as if the NWA all but forgot about the NWA World Tag Team Champions post pandemic pause until recently.  This will mark the final of NWA Champions to be defended on the weekly episodic pay per view series.  

In the past three NWA Title matches haven’t gone well.  In the last 90 days, we’ve seen Serena Deeb defeat Thunder Rosa for the World Woman’s Championship, Da Pope defeat Zicky Dice to win the Television Championship, and Trevor Murdoch defeat Stevens to win the National Championship.  It should be noticed no new champion has returned to defend the titles.  

The Pay Per View can be seen weekly on FITE TV, On Demand PPV, and DirecTV.

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