Prime Time Live Episode 7 Primer

Episode 7 of Prime Time LIVE will feature the return of the NWA World Woman’s Champion Thunder Rosa as she defends her championship for a 7th time (2nd time on PTL) against AEW’s Serena Deeb, the debut of Ray Rosas and he defends his Hollywood Heritage Championship, plus the Bodega will be in action, and the first round match up of the United Wrestling Network World Title Tournament.

United Wrestling Network proudly presents its seventh offering of Prime Time live, Tuesday October 27th. the Hallmark for the weekly episodic program is to feature title defenses from wrestling promotions affiliated with UWN as well as present  new Talent in a national spotlight. Tonight the Hollywood Heritage Champion makes his debut when Ray Rosas defends his championship against BHK Kevin Martenson.  This episode will also feature Talent from TNT’s all elite wrestling, as the librarian Peter Avalon makes his return to the United Wrestling Network as part of the world championship tournament and Serena Deeb makes her debut to take on the NWA World Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa.   


The Hollywood Heritage champion Ray Rosas might be the most decorated of all United Wrestling Network wrestlers, aside from being the Heritage champion he is also currently the Arizona state champion, he holds the Pringle privilege from winning the pp3 cup he is a former United wrestling network television champion he previously held the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team titles with Peter Avalon genuinely has some of the best matches you’ll ever see. Earlier this year Rosas was on pace to retire from wrestling all together.  Even having a series of matches with the goal to be to give back to the Southern California wrestling scene, by helping other talents gain exposure from wrestling Rosas on his “retirement tour.”  However, Rosas just continue to thrive not only did he win the Arizona championship by defeating EJ Sparks, not only did he win the Percy Pringle Cup by defeating Anthony Idol, but he would also defeat Watts for that Hollywood Heritage championship.  At one point Ray Rosas was the leader of static, which included United Wrestling Network Tag Team Champions Andy Brown and Adrian Quest. The pair have since turned their back on Rosas, but there is some unfinished business that could impact tonight’s matchup.  Rosas has even recently made his debut on All Elite Wrestling, infact that is what delayed his initial debut on the program.  It should be noted that Ray Rosas has already wrestled 32 times in 2020, which might not seem too high with the exception of the pandemic pause that is prevented wrestling from taking place Rosas has found a way to continue his path, a feat that most people in his situation haven’t been able to accomplish.  Roses is a product of the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy ( however his training took place before the academy was officially formed).  


Big Hunky Kev (BHK), the brawn of the tag team known as The RockNes Monsters  has wowed audiences at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for over a decade. Having wrestled under different names such as Johnny Goodtime, Randy rocket, or as Son Of Madness in Lucha Underground; Martenson has long been touted as one of the best Southern California wrestling talents to remain unsigned. there is no wasted motion and a Kevin Martenson match.  Trained by Tom Howard and the famous Ballard Brothers at Ultimate University (the same school that helped to produce John Cena, Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian). Goodtime in the past has teamed with WWE’s Fergal Devit while wrestling in the New Japan Dojo back in 2006. Martenson was also one of the few talents that was apart of the original NWA Pro Wrestling events that morphed into Championship Wrestling from Hollywood events.  In the past, you may have seen Martenson appear on WWE programming, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Ring Of Honor, Osaka Pro, DDT, Impact Wrestling, and wrestled for Middle Kingdom Wrestling in China.  Martenson is a tag team specialist, but now on his own he’s been very dominant in the singles divisions of CWFH, having multiple victories over Danny Limelight since his return.  Tonight’s match against Ray Rosas will be a call back to the RockNES Monsters vs. PPRay feud that dominated the CWFH Tag Team Division for a few years.  


The Filthy Father returns to Long Beach California in search of competition in search have an opportunity to become the United Wrestling Network world champion. and the last few weeks Dickinson has made his return to  Josh Barnett Bloodsport where he faced AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and what many considered to be a fantastic match. and even though it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Dickinson inside  Thunder Studios, Dickinson did make his debut for championship wrestling from Hollywood as well as a return to Game Changer wrestling and even a debut in Mexico for AAA. All in all Dickinson is poised to become the Superstar that the United Wrestling Network so desperately needs. And in this match when he takes on Peter Avalon it will be much like the old versus the new. Avalon was the face of championship wrestling from Hollywood, but make no mistake Dickinson is the face of Prime Time Live.  The man has a veritable rocket strapped to his back just waiting to take off and this tournament will be the vehicle to take him to the next level.


Now known as the Librarian, Peter Avalon was the face of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for nearly a decade. Avalon literally was in the first episode of CWFH. Avalon in that ten years has been apart of some of the biggest groups in Hollywood History, The Standard, The Office, and held the tag team titles with Ray Rosas as PPRay. Ray genuinely was the face of Hollywood, but now represents All Elite Wrestling. And even thought “Pretty” Peter Avalon, the self-professed biggest man in professional wrestling, who simultaneously held the United TV Title and the Hollywood Heritage Title, now plays the role of under-dog to the Dirty Daddy.


The RMB (Clutch and Sugar Brown) are looking to get back into the win column on Primetime Live.  This marks their third appearance on the Pay-Per-View so it feels like this is a make-or-break style matchup for them.  They  were gifted a shot at SoCal distancing and we’re unable to cash in after getting an easy victory over the Friendship Farm.  


2020 has been the year of Daniel I’m light without a shadow of a doubt even in losses to BHK and Clark Connors the young man has continued to get better week in week out. Limelight made his debut for New Japan programming by appearing on New Japan Strong he made his pay-per-view debut with Prime Time Live, appeared on Game Changer Wrestling just a few weeks ago and tonight will be pulling double-duty by appearing on AEW Dark as well as showcasing on tonight’s PPV.  Teaming with Papo Esco also has its advantages.  The hungry Puerto Ricans look to be making a case for a shot at the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team titles. 


A product of Ohio Valley Wrestling (when it was a part of the  WWE farm system) Serena Deeb is certainly expected to bring it tonight against Thunder Rosa.  Some have suggested that this match is a rematch from their bout AEW however,  things are a bit different this time around. For starters the NWA Women’s World Championship will be on the line.   When the two battled on AEW Dynamite, it was just for bragging rights but tonight one of the grandest prizes in women’s wrestling is on the line.  Originally Deeb was supposed to face Allysin Kay.   her debut was paused because of an off chance encounter with someone who was exposed to Covid-19 which forced Serena to self quarantine, and miss her debut.


The Thunder Destruction Tour touches down in Long Beach California for a second time in so many weeks. What more can be said about the NWA World Woman’s Champion. Miranda Gordy, Priscilla Kelly, Lindsay Snow, Ivelisse, Melina, and Allysin Kay, have all failed to capture the Burke.  She has two more defenses scheduled for next month, Ray Lyn on November 6th and Kenzie Paige Henry on November 21st. She’s by far and away the most active of any NWA Competitor and the literal standard bearer for the NWA.

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