Prime Time Live Episode 5 Primer

The United Wrestling Network has presented it’s first month of weekly episodic pay-per-views to a mixed reaction. The show has featured three championship matches sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance as well as title matches promoted by UWN broadcasting partners from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, West Coast Pro Wrestling, Future Stars of Wrestling. Over the course of the four months PrimeTime LIVE has established Chris Dickinson as a superstar, saw a NWA National Heavyweight Championship title change with Trevor Murdoch, and a storyline putting Zicky Dice into a feud with Elijah Burke.


The United TV Championship was defended on the first episode of Prime Time Live when Joseph wrestled Levi Shapiro with Howdy Price in what felt like what was a rushed match and didn’t have the opportunity to shine. Joseph is a product of the United Wrestling Network training facility. Joseph has been on a bit of a winning streak since returning from the pandemic pause and has had victories over EJ Sparks, Slice Boogie, and two wins over Levi Shapiro. Dan Joseph has been the face of United Wrestling Network as TV Champion.


Another standout from the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy Kubrick is a standout in the Southern California area having won the 2018 Rookie of the Year award. As previously mentioned the Santino Bros have helped to create many of the breakout stars of the United Wrestling Network including Heather Monroe, Slice Boogie, Raze and more. Kubrick is flamboyant, but technically sound. He has has been a workhorse in the area, but this will be his first opportunity to compete for the United Wrestling Network.


Long-time fans of the National Wrestling Alliance will remember him as Fred Sampson. Rosser was a regular for former CWFH affiliates NWA Pro Wrestling East, Viva La Lucha, and Rising Phoenix Wrestling. He defeated Glamour Boy Shane in the First Round of the Reclaiming the Gold Tournament, before losing to Brent Albright in the 2nd round. two years later Rosser joined the WWE Developmental promotion FCW (the prelude to NXT). he and Titus O’Neil became WWE Tag Team Champions in 2015 as the Prime Time Players. His departure from the WWE led handful of matches on the Indies. His 2020 return to the ring was with NJPW Strong as he he teamed with Alex Zayne to defeat Clark Connors and the DKC, but took the loss to PJ Black and Rocky Romero when he teamed with Misterioso Jr.


Masters has had a pretty active 2020 despite Covid-19. With 13 matches under his belt in 2020, Masters has wrestled in matches in Denmark, Quatar, Germany, and all over the United States. He defeated Killer Kross in early January, with a victory over Orange Cassidy early in the year. He does have loses against WCWP Champion Alexander Hammerstone and MLW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. He was also part of the Independent Expo in North Richland Hills, Texas at the same event that Nick Aldis returned to active competition. Masters was a product of the Ultimate University and a former UPW standout (the same promotion that launched John Cena and Samoa Joe). Masters landed at OVW and teamed with Albright to win the OVW Tag Champions. Masters would eventually land in the WWE where he would team with Carlitos. In between independent dates Masters would also wrestle for Impact partnering with Eli Drake.


One of the brightest spots of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as been Heather Monroe. Between her and Lacey Ryan, they are pushing for the creation of a United Wrestling Network’s Woman’s Championship. Monroe was unsuccessful in her first pay-per-view match at the United Wrestling Network against Kamile. It should be noted that her match with Kamile was really solid and further solidifies her standing in the United Wrestling Network as one of the top talents.


Black is just about two years into the business. In a short amount of time she’s made appearances for Black Label Pro, Impact, Shimmer, and many other promotions across the United States. Black in the same vein as Watts of last week will be making her debut for AEW DARK while making her debut for United Wrestling Network. She’s been the talk of being the breakout star of SHIMMER this weekend.


Hammerstone was victorious on his debut on Prime Time Live successfully defending his West Coast Pro Wrestling Championship against EJ Sparks. Hammerstone is also the current MLW National Openweight Champion as well as the PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Champion. This will only be Hammerstone’s 4th match since the pause, he made his return to the ring at North Richland Hills, Texas, much like Masters and Aldis.

All of these matches will make up Prime Time Live only on Pay-Per-View which can be ordered on, InDemand, DirecTV, and FITE! Show stars at 6PM on Tuesday October 13th.

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