Prime Time Live Episode 4 Primer

Getting you ready for the United Wrestling Network: Prime Time Live, episode 4. This episode is unique because it will be the first episode to not host a NWA Championship Match, despite featuring a NWA Champion.

Last week’s United Wrestling Network Prime Time LIVE was highlighted by the NWA National Championship Match between Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch which saw Murdoch finally grab that golden ring and win his first NWA Champioship. This week there have only been four matches announced for the pay-per-view. You can watch our review of episode three here


New to the United Wrestling Network is Max Caster. Caster is a free agent out of New York. He was trained by the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, it’s there he held the CAP Championship twice as well as a tag team championship with Bobby Orlando. Caster spent a lot of time in the CZW: Dojo Wars and has appeared on CZW shows. Most recently you would have seen Castoe working for All Elite Wrestling, dark shows. His first match teaming with Luther and Serpentico versus the Jurassic Express later wrestling against Sean Spears. Most recently, wrestling for Beyond wrestling promotion based out of Denver, Colorado.


The Filthy Father, the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson has been on a tear United Wrestling Network, he recently made his first appearance in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but by far and away he is becoming the breakout start of Prime Time live. He has successfully defeated Anthony Idol and Jordan Cruz, and if we’re being honest has more camera time than just about anybody else. I expect Dickinson to roll through the competition for a few more weeks.


Battling Heather Monroe in a best of seven series the FSW Woman’s Champion has become quite the fan favorite for CWF. The series was 2 to 2, but the last match was a taped fist match that ended in a no-contest. She recently competed in a dark match for Ohio valley wrestling. Ryan won her FSW Women’s Championship by defeating impact wrestling’s Taya Valkyrie, nearly a year ago. She is also a former UCW-ZERO Ultra X Champion, which is a championship normally held by male competitors. It should be noted that UCW-ZERO is an affiliate of United Wrestling Network.


In the past Vipress has teamed with Priscilla Kelly and is the on-again-off-again tag team partner to Ruby Raze (who made her debut last week). The pair showed up this past weekend to work in Colorado. In the past years she has competed for the Crash in Mexico, Evolve and Shine and has had a handful of matches for CWFH including a match she substituted for Heather Monroe against Ryan.


No relation to Anthony Idol (who made his debut last week) Bryan Idol is again another import from the East Coast. Idole has spent times wrestling for former United Wrestling Network affiliate Fight Nation (which bought out IPW: UK. Idol also has worked mathches with FIP, FTW, he was part of the 2015 king of The Indies event. Idol seems like he could benefit from working in this new platform. He won’t have an easy opponent tonight in Levi Shapiro.


Once last we saw Shapiro, he was defeated by United Wrestling Network TV Champion Dan Joseph in a bit of a confusing fashion. Shapiro’s blown opportunity at the first episode of Prime Time to take that Television Title from Dan Joseph has put him in a precarious position. A loss tonight, might take him out of contingency for any relevancy in United.


The duo are currently the DEFY Tag Team Champions. Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson have really taken the Pacific Northwest by storm. They’ve competed in matches most recently in CWFH but have competed in events all up and down the Western Sea Board, including matches in Canada with former NWA affiliate ECCW. Their last match since the pandemic pause was against the new Hollywood Tag Team Connors and Mayer in which they took the losss.


The tag team match between Watts and the Da Pope versus NWA Television Champion Zicky Dice and his mystery opponent is probably the most talked-about match for tonight’s card. We all saw Watts battle Eli Drake on the second episode of Prime Time Live and what was considered to be a great genuine heavyweight match up. Watt’s partner Da Pope showed up on NWA POWERRR, didn’t wrestle a single match– in fact he showed up as more as an advisor role initially to Eddie Kingston, claiming that he was searching for his next four horsemen. It was believed that a showdown between Kingston and Da Pope was scheduled to take place but it never happened. Some had believed that Da Pope had retired from pro wrestling, but he has been wrestling intermittently. His last match was for USA pro wrestling in Orlando Florida back in February of 2020. Zicky Dice, whose status as an NWA competitor has been fodder for water cooler talk for most of the summer will finally appear on Prime Time Live. The Television Champion has remained active through social media and on Twitch, but hasn’t had a TV title defense since the pandemic. There has been zero confirmation on who the mystery opponent is although many expected to be independent wrestler Effy.

More matches are expected to make the Pay-Per-View which can be ordered on FITE!

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