Prime Time Live Episode 12 Primer

Every Tuesday Night Prime Time LIVE presents live wrestling from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California. The Primer gives you the background of what to expect from the PPV.

Tonight’s Prime Time Live will feature newly crowned Hollywood Heritage Champion Jordan Clearwater defend his title. Also, United Wrestling Network TV Champion Levi Shapiro makes a defense. Tonight will also present the in-ring debut of Davey Boy Smith Jr. in United Wrestling Network. With much more.


Jamie Iovine returns to CWFH wielding the powers that Niko Marquez had. Which includes setting up matches. Iovine sets up a match between Slade and Clearwater for the CWFH 500th episode. Will Allday defeats Snypes with the “Autograph” flying knee. Next up we see a video package of Jack Banning, who seems to have been institutionalized. (I don’t know who Jack Banning is either). Next up was Jesse James taking on Guy Cool, who absolutely murdered Cool with a good ole fashioned Western Lariat. Post-match, Howdy Price congratulated James on the victory, perhaps recruiting James to join the Golden Horns Ranch. Next up, former TV Champion Dan Joseph overpowers Jordan Cruz with the “Long Way Down.” And in the Main Event, Jordan Clearwater usurped Ray Rosas to win the Hollywood Heritage Championship, when unfortunately SoCal Distancing’s newest member Dom Kubrick got involved when Clearwater was dazed and Clearwater was able to capitalize and connect with the Midas Touch.


Mr. No days off Fred Rosser has lived up to the name, as he’s now appearing on back-to-back episodes of PTL. Rosser has found a home with NJPW Strong where he’s currently feuding with Tom Lawlor’s collective of Rust Taylor, NWA Tag Team Champion JR Kratos, and Danny Limelight. Rosser has been working with Jeff Cobb, PJ Black, and Rocky Romero. Rosser is coming off a big victory over Shawn Daivari, certainly setting himself up for an opportunity to challenge for the United World Title, once it is crowned.


Richie Slade has been feuding with Jordan Clearwater and will get an opportunity to face him for the Hollywood Heritage Championship at the CWFH 500th Episode. Slade hasn’t had a lot of success against Clearwater. And it would appear that Slade has been on a bit of a slide as of late. In recent weeks he lost to EJ Sparks, lost to Clearwater, lost to 1 Called Manders and although he eliminated Clearwater last week on PTL, he was eliminated by Joseph. It should be noted that this will be Slade’s third appearance on PTL back to back to back.


When last we saw Kevin Martenson he was battling Mike Bennett in the first round of the United Wrestling Network World Title Tournament. Martenson had been banged up, but clearly one of the most capable talents in all of the United Wrestling Network. Martenson has been with CWFH since day one and has had much success in the past tag teaming with YUMA as the RockNES Monsters or Vermin, but has really taken to the spotlight as a singles competitor.


Dan Joseph has had a rough go of it lately. After a run of great victories against the likes of Dom Kubrick, Slice Boogie, EJ Sparks, and repeatedly Levi Shapiro, Joseph has hit a skid ever since losing the UWN TV Title. Having lost in back to back matches against Levi Shapiro, it seems that Joseph’s next move is well guarded. He is coming off of a successful return to the pay per view, by winning the elimination match defeating Slade and as noted earlier defeating Cruz.


It seems like every week another standout from the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy proves why that school has been so good at creating talent. The 2019 SoCalUNCENSORED Rookie of the Year faces his biggest challenge yet when he faces Davey Boy Smith Jr. Boogie has victories over Danny Limelight and Kita Murray, with a very solid outing against Karl Fredericks. He keeps getting better and better.


Davey Boy Smith Jr is an international phenomenon. He’s a former NWA World tag team champion with the Murder Hawk Lance Archer from AEW. He’s also a multi-time IWGP Tag Team Champions as well as Noah GHC tag team champion. Smith is also a former WWE tag team champion and is the central figure four major league wrestling. Davey Boy Smith Jr was also initially pegged to be a part of the United Wrestling Network World title tournament, however was unable to make the first-round tournament. back in October, Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Josh Alexander (of the North) at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3.  Last month he was unsuccessful in defeating Jacob Fatu when he challenged for the MLW World Championship.


Shapiro has benefited greatly from the relationship he has with Howdy Price. His first successful defense of the TV Title came at the expense of Jack Cartwright, who Howdy paid off, unfortunately for Cartwright, Shapiro still maliciously attacked. Then his successful defense against Joseph established his credibility as champion.


Idol has yet to make a huge splash on Prime Time Live. Although he’s had much success on CWFH, that hasn’t translated yet to Tuesday Nights. His only appearance on the weekly pay per views was in defeat to Chris Dickinson. However, Idol standing across the ring from the United Wrestling Network TV Champion


Jordan Cruz made his debut for the NWA, via NWA Shockwave earlier today. The youngster had a solid outing against Dan Joseph this past week on CWFH. Although Cruz has a great look and is improving in the ring, it is a bit pre-mature to put him into a title match. This match may have been booked before his opponent became champion.


Jordan Clearwater’s return to Prime Time Live has been a mixed bag. He had defeated Will Alday on his debut. Clearwater has had so much success on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, prior to the pandemic he advanced to the smi-finals of the PP3 Cup 2020, he had victories over Zicky Dice. His feud with Richie Slade kicked off and he even made his debut for NJPW Strong. It just seems that success again hasn’t translated to Tuesday Nights. There are huge expectations for Clearwater going forward in the United Wrestling Network. Perhaps tonight might be his first step in making those a reality.

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