Preston Quinn: Chasing His Dream

Everyone in the wrestling business has a dream of being world champ one day. Very few though have a chance to have that dream come true. NWA Fusion star Preston Quinn though has a chance to make his dream a reality. All he has to do is beat three opponents of the NWAs choosing and then Adam Pearce in a #1 contenders match and he gets his title shot. Not an easy feat but at least Quinn knows he controls his own destiny. I recently had a chance to sit down and talk to the man known as The Pain Train.

Q: First of all Preston thank you for your time. Your very well known in the Mid Atlantic region but for those who might not be familiar tell them a little about Preston Quinn.

A: I was raised in this business. Old school. Its all ive ever known and all I have ever wanted to do. Todays wrestling is an abomination from what I grew up on. I try to do things the right way and be the guy the younger guys can look up to. In the ring you can see glimpses of Arn, Windham, Bobby Eaton. Even Flair and Stan Hansen as well.

Q: The NWA said you had to face and defeat 3 guys of their choosing just to face Adam Pearce in a #1 contenders match in September. Any idea who those 3 guys might be?

A: I know the first guy is Lou Marconi but after that I am in the dark just like the rest of you guys. My style can adapt to just about anyones so they can bring on the best of the best.

Q: Besides Fusion who are some other guys in the NWA you would like to face?

A: Well obviously Adam Pearce but also Chance Prophet and Colt Cabana. I could wrestle Colt for 60 minutes a night every night of the week and would never get tired of wrestling him.

Q: What would it mean to you to facw Adam Pearce in your own hometown of Gloucester, VA?

A: Adam and I have a long lost brother type of connection. Ever since we met we knew we were from the same mold. He is like the West Coast version of me. (laughs). I look at his matches and shake my head because alot of the things he does in certain situations is the exact thing I would do. Adam is the man in the NWA and to face him means I am getting credit for being the hard worker I am. Fusion sees marketability in me and hopefully the NWA will as well.

Q: I recently interviewed Damien Wayne who is a top 10 guy in the NWA and says he is the uncrowned

champion. He was in the ring with you when you made the announcement to throw your name in the hat for the worlds title. Was that just a councidence or was that done on purpose? Also you two have been friends for a long time. Do you think this will affect your friendship?

A: I dont think it would at all. I would think DW would be happy for his trainer to finally get a shot at the same title he holds so dearly as well. Its a passion we have in common and always have. See this is how I osee it. Wayne has had his shots at the worlds title. When he fought Adam his style was a little reckless where I am a little more heavy hitting. DW has a lot of irons in the fire as he runs himself to death on the circuit while Im the cagey veteran and making the NWA send Adam and the World champ to me. Make them play the away games and let them run into The Pain Train. Thank you for having me!!

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