PRESSURE MOUNTS | NWA Ten Pounds of Gold 23 (2018)

With the announcement of Cody Rhodes challenging for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship (AKA Ten Pounds of Gold) at ALL IN on September 1st, the pro wrestling landscape was thrown into chaos. NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis lashed out saying no one talked to him. This lead to announcement that Nick Aldis would be going to Ring of HOnor in the United Kingdom to address the situation.

in this episode of Ten Pounds of Gold, NWA President Billy Corgan addresses the sell out of ALL IN, the future of Nick Aldis title reign and sets the course for future NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Matches.

The story loops in PJ Black (FKA Justin Gabriel), Crimson, Jocephus as future challengers for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

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