Press Release: NWA Pro/SoCal Pro on Saturday, August 14, 2010

SoCal Pro Wrestling returns to the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club at 401 Country Club Lane in Oceanside. Tickets $15 for Adults and $10 for Kids and Military. Doors Open at 6pm, bell time at 7pm. The Main Event features the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship“The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel (c) w/ C. Edward Vander Pyle vs. SCP Tag Team Champion Johnny Yuma
SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship
“The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel (c) w/ C. Edward Vander Pyle vs. SCP Tag Team Champion Johnny Yuma
– The current SCP Heavyweight Champion will attempt to defend his title for the fourth time against a new challenger in Johnny Yuma. After a controversial reverse decision made by Referee Adam Marantz, Ricky Mandel retained the gold and SoCal Crazy’s title victory was declared null and void. A referee’s decision is always final and Mandel’s reign as champion continues unless he manages to lose to a RockNES Monster. Johnny Yuma can make history in becoming a dual-champion by simultaneously holding the SCP Tag Team Title and SCP Heavyweight Title. Mandel stated that Yuma does not compare to the greatest of The Mirror Image and is not even in his league. Yuma will have to pull out all the stops in order to become the new SCP Heavyweight Champion and have eyes in the back of his head since Mandel and Vander Pyle have tricks up their sleeves. Can Ricky Mandel retain the SCP Heavyweight Title? Or will Johnny Yuma rock and roll all over Mandel to become a dual-champion? 
#1 Contender’s Match
SoCal Crazy vs. Hector “El Chido” Canales
– SoCal Crazy wants other chance to become a three-time SCP Heavyweight Champion, but he will need to defeat Hector Canales in order to earn the right to be the #1 Contender. SoCal Crazy is infuriated by the fact that his title victory last month never happened. Canales is another wrestler upset with Ricky Mandel still being the champion. Ever since Mandel became the champion in April, Canales anticipated getting his revenge and an actual heavyweight title shot. Month after month, Canales was denied by SoCal Pro officials to step into the ring with his former Cool Imagery member. On August 14, Canales will look no further because he will receive a guaranteed opportunity at whoever is the champion by first defeating SoCal Crazy. Friendships will be put aside in this match because of its importance. Can SoCal Crazy earn another shot at the heavyweight title that rightfully belongs to him? Or will Hector Canales show everyone in SoCal Pro why he deserves to be the next champion?

Singles Match
SCP Tag Team Champion Johnny Goodtime vs. “Mr. Megastar” Tommy Wilson
– In a rematch from last year’s A Rumble in Oceanside, Johnny Goodtime will face the former SCP Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wilson. This rematch will be different from their previous match because Johnny Goodtime will enter the match at 100% instead of having to wrestle ill and against the doctor’s orders. Goodtime wants to prove that he can beat Wilson with or without the doctor’s order. As for Goodtime’s opponent, he believes the current SCP Tag Team Champion is not a threat to him since Goodtime was defeated by then-champion Tommy Wilson to retain the SCP Heavyweight Title. If Goodtime gets and upset win on a former heavyweight champion, then SoCal Pro officials should take notice and give another RockNES Monster a title shot. Can Johnny Goodtime prove his worth to Tommy Wilson? Or will Mr. Megastar prove that he can’t be stopped by Goodtime?
Singles Match
Chimaera vs. Johnny Paradise
– After defeating Jaysin Strife at Collision Course 4, Chimaera will head into SoCal Pro’s August show with much needed momentum since the luchador will wrestle a tough opponent, the former two-time AWS Heavyweight Champion Johnny Paradise. There seems to be hostility from Paradise toward his opponent because Chimaera recently aligned himself with one of Paradise’s biggest rivals, SoCal Crazy. The lost of the AWS Heavyweight Title to SoCal Crazy still bothers Paradise to this very day and he wants to take out his frustrations on another luchador who happens to be Chimaera. Paradise will also need to pick up another win since he has more losses than wins in the SoCal Pro record book. Chimaera’s winning streak will continue and hopefully he will be granted a future heavyweight title shot against whoever is the champion. That is if he can get past Johnny Paradise.

Tag Team Match
Todd Chandler & Kid Caramba vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Mystery Partner
– Peter Avalon is searching for a new tag team partner since his original tag team partner, “The Professional” Scott Lost, wrestled his final match with SoCal Pro last month. Who will be Avalon’s new tag team partner? Avalon is the only one to know the answer to the question, at least for the time being. Avalon’s opponents, Todd Chandler and Kid Caramba, have no idea on the identity of the mystery partner and even how to prepare for an opponent they know absolutely nothing about. Chandler and Kid Caramba need to walk into Oceanside with a serious game plan considering they have never been partners and Kid Caramba is still a rookie to the wrestling ring. Which team will prevail in the tag team match? Find out on August 14.

“Lovin” Nick Lovin to speak in Oceanside
– Nick Lovin requested time to publicly speak to the SoCal Pro fans about his future in SoCal Pro. He will also discuss being defeated by Kitana Vera in the first-ever intergender match that took place at Collision Course 4.

Plus: “Radiant” Jason Redondo in action and more!

Oceanside Boys & Girls Club
401 Country Club Lane
Oceanside, CA 92054

Tickets: $15 (adults) and $10 (kids & military)
Doors: 6 PM
Show: 7 PM

For more information on the August show, please visit

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